SWEET SUCCESSES: 6 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Start-Up Cake Shop ...

bakery startup business
Sweets are sweeter when shared. Cakes are yummier with care!  It's truly fun to buy a lovely cake for somebody dear. On the other hand, if you're the one who sells cake for people's special days, it's something heartwarming. 

Social Entrepreneurship Raising The Society For Better India

social Entrepreneurship
You may have ever had a question about what social entrepreneurship is, and therefore you do not know what factors differentiate social entrepreneurs from any other social workers. The truth is that they all have a common base: innovation and revolutionary ideas. Therefore, we want to...

M S Dhoni’s Business Journey and Lifestyle beyond the cricket

m s dhoni
"When Mahendra Singh Dhoni moves his bat, and there we can see a wonderful strike into the crowd. It is hard to read these lines in our voice, isn't it? But then, on 15th August 2020 in the late evening, our Captain...

IITians-led CXOforest launches a BootCamp for “To be Engineers”

CXOforest launches national product/app development 'BootCamp' in association with the top companies in India.CXOforest is an IT company started by IITians with a vision to disrupt the IT outsourcing model by introducing a managed platform of service providers with an AI-based matching...

Sustainable Waste Management Social Enterprise Progresses to Finals in the SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs Program for a Chance to Receive Funding

Team Shoonya The idea of Shoonya first struck us when Kabir, Ishaan (my brother) and I were travelling and we crossed Ghazipur landfill. We had a small conversation around waste and what can be done but then we left...

Indian startups explore forming an alliance and alternative app store to fight Google’s ‘monopoly’

indian startup
Google,  which reaches more internet users than any other firm in India and commands 99% of the nation’s smartphone market, has stumbled upon an odd challenge in the world’s second largest internet market: Scores of top local entrepreneurs. Dozens of...

Plant based nutrition brand Olena to focus on women’s health products

Olena has grown 10x year on year since its inception Olena, a leading plant based nutrition company with clean, sugar free, non gmo, gluten free products which cater to everyday individuals will be soon launching a host of women wellness...

Sanjeev Nanda’s ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals: Transforming the pharma scenario across the globe

sanjeev nanda
Continuing his streak of successful enterprises, British businessman Sanjeev Nanda, along with his existing portfolio of prominent hotels, restaurants, and eateries across the globe, he is also working towards transforming the pharma infrastructure globally with ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals. A fully integrated pharma company...

Gaurav Bhatia Luxury Expert and CEO of Maison India Shares Personal Experience about Taj

Gaurav Bhatia
A little boy and the Taj I must have just turned thirteen. I was flying from Bombay to Zurich to meet my parents for our annual summer holiday, when I met the lovely Ms. Bensoussan. In her late sixties and pearls...

ShareChat raises $40 mn from investors including Pawan Munjal, Twitter

share chat
ShareChat,  an Indian social network that focuses entirely on serving users in non-English languages, said on Thursday it has raised $40 million from a clutch of investors after the Indian startup added tens of millions of new users in recent months.