Google Maps providing COVID-19 food locations in India

google map
On Monday, Google has declared that it will show the food as well as night shelters locations on Google Maps. This initiative has been taken to help out individuals of people in India due to this coronavirus pandemic outbreak. The coronavirus food list is made to provide...

Online classes: To keep the wheel of education running during COVID-19

Covid-19 or the Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China during the latter half of 2019. Today this disease is damaging the whole world. This contagious ailment has already claimed around 50000 lives across the globe.  E- Learning During Coronavirus

The skyrocketing number of divorces in China is a warning for the rest

Divorce Case during lockdown
Origin of Coronavirus Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China during December 2019. After the coronavirus outbreak, the disease spread throughout the world like a wildfire. This virus has claimed already many lives of Earth. Italy, the center of the 16th century Renaissance, has...

Has Zoom Compromised the User Data Again? Here is All You Need to Know

zoom security breach
With burgeoning security breaches all around the world, the compromising of user data by Zoom, which is a  Video conferencing app does not come as a surprise. Multiple organizations and surveys have already spoken at length about the Zoom security breach all over the internet.

Here’s All you Need to Know About the Latest Coronavirus Tracking App – Aarogya Setu

aarogya setu
Indian Government launched the Aarogya Setu mobile application.Coronavirus tracking app also provides necessary information on how to tackle the situation if in case the user has crossed paths or is in proximity to anyone infected.

Is work from home needs 24 hr availability in Indian Work Culture?

work from home
almost all the companies have decided to follow the practice of work from home because the government has strictly advised implementing this for limiting the spread of COVID-19

Know your Health According to Your Sign 2020

Health horoscope
Health is wealth. One who has health can enjoy all the pleasures of life. Although not everyone can remain healthy or have the same fitness throughout life. The growing disorders and introduction of new diseases every year is deteriorating the health of the people.

How Indian Railways Serving the Nation in Coronavirus Outbreak?

Indian Railway
The Indian Railway has come forward with a massive step towards the fight against the recent worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus. As a noble deed in contributing to the rising needs of health care for patients, as many as 20, 000 coaches are likely to be...

POS credit or how to immediately purchase goods on credit?

There is a lot of information about POS loans on Internet sites, but not all citizens understand what they mean in reality. Adding “POS” due to ignorance of the transfer simply instills fear in potential bank borrowers. The real concept of POS lending is to...

Dada supported Yuvi, while Kohli and Dhoni remained behind the curtains

NEW DELHI: Yuvraj Singh, the former all-rounder said that he was supported by Sourav Ganguly much more than he got from Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. The cricketer had his debut under the captaincy of Ganguly in the 2000 Champions Trophy against...