Motivating Students to Become the Active Learner


Every student possesses different quality. No one is the same so the teacher will have to adopt new and different skills and techniques to motivate the students. It’s a very difficult task for a teacher and it is not an easy one. When you motivate the student it must affect them positively and it should not affect their feelings. It is the biggest challenge for the teacher in the classroom. When a student does well in his work and class activities it is the duty of the teacher to appreciate that work if the teacher is not responding or appreciating their performance the next time they will not try to perform. So whenever teacher observes a little improvement from the side of a student teacher must point out that and appreciate Teacher can motivate a student in two ways intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is something which teacher shows externally like giving reward and showing his performance. Intrinsic motivation means through teacher’s words a student will understand the positivity of teacher towards them. A student already has a deep interest in learning and through teacher ‘swords; he will concentrate more so teacher plays a very important role in the academicals performance of the students. So now we should look at How the teacher can motivate students in their learning process.

Create a safe classroom environment

It is very important to make students comfort in the classroom. If the teacher creates the very strict full environment in the classroom then students will not show any kind of interest in the classroom or never involve in the classroom activities so at first teacher must make them feel that there is no any punishment for the actions. So when a teacher creates a friendly environment student will try to show their abilities and their skill when students try to present their skills teacher must comment positively and friendly. When there is a mistake make them understand it and try them to correct it. So such environment really helps in building the confidence of the students will help them to perform well in academicals.

Give them responsibyility

It is the best way to make the student involved in the class activities and also it will create a sense of responsibility towards them self. As we know every student love to be in the favourite list of the teacher so when a teacher offers any job or duty to the students they will try their best to do it perfectly and reach the expectation of the teacher. So once he gets the duty he will accept and will work hard to achieve it. It will be work as motivation too. They will feel that they are important in the classroom. Give the responsibility of maintaining the class discipline to those students who often break the rules. Then it will make him responsible and he will try to not to break the rule and will not allow anyone to break it naturally he will concentrate on studies too.

Criticize and give chance to improve

The teacher must criticize or give feedback related to the performance of the student. If a child is trying his hard to achieve the good mark in particular subject still he scores low mark teacher must be able to point out his fault. And give him the necessary suggestion to improve his performance. When teacher criticizes and offers a solution for the trouble it will make them confident and motivated. They will feel that the teacher is giving important and observing my performance such thought will always bring positivity in students learning the process.

Share your own school experiences

Students really like to hear the teacher’s school experience. So the teacher must share some interesting experience with the students. The teacher must share the idea of no one is perfect everyone has their own weakness and problems in their life. Everyone face it and win over it. For example, I am a teacher. I usually share my experience with my students. About my problem in dealing with math’s and science subject. How deeply I hated that subject still hate it. I faced difficulties in studying such subject and all. Such sharing experience will fill the student’s mind that teacher also faced problems in learning not only I am facing it. So such thought will bring some kind of positivity in a student’s life. Not only teachers experience but also some great peoples experience who suffered learning problems still they achieved success in their life such motivational stories are really helpful to boost the student’s energy and confidence.

Present rewards

Every student’s always to get rewards especially from the hands of teacher for their hard work. So every teacher must present or offer rewards to the children who will perform best their class work or who will score a good mark in examinations. So for that reward students will try their best. I usually kept reward for the student who will score good marks in the unit test. Rewards like pen pencil colour pen sketch drawing books such small rewards are very special to the students because it is for their hard work and it is given by the teacher itself. So whether it is small or big prize students will try their best to get it. It is considered one of the best ways to motivate students in their learning activities.
Teacher’s job is not completed after teaching the lesson. The teacher must be able to bring the student on the right path that is in the learning path. For that, the teacher must use some tricks and teacher must converse with the students daily. So many students are there who have the ability in learning but never attain what they have to attain it is because of lack of motivation. So we must motivate the child to reach his destination and live a successful life.

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