Is work from home needs 24 hr availability in Indian Work Culture?

work from home

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, people lives are affected drastically. And it is needless to mention how the whole economic sector is collapsing. With the government’s decision to declare lockdown for the whole country, things have been all the more difficult. Every individual is struggling. Overall, the situation and the experience is overwhelming as well as exhausting.

Due to this, almost all the companies have decided to follow the practice of work from home because the government has strictly advised implementing this for limiting the spread of COVID-19. The employees will be travelling to the essential areas, but home delivery services of large goods and products are excluded.

work from home

A tough time for people in India

It is instead an extremely difficult phase that the Indian people are facing. The whole Indian work culture is deteriorating because the production house, manufacturing sites, sales and sales force have been afflicted with the enactment of the lockdown. The manufacture, as well as the distribution of almost every product except a few essential items, have been stopped. The so-called office hours are dissolved, and people are given the work from home facilities.

Especially for a country like India, which has a huge population, for some people, their one job is the only source of income. There are various kinds of jobs and works which cannot be possibly conducted from work from home. Therefore, it had brought severe adversity to them.

Lockdown Government Policies for WFH

Each government from their states have declared different policies to fight against the current situation. Some states have declared that there shall be no system of work from home, which has to lead to severe troubles for many employees. Some other states have given the companies some special kind of access to broaden the Indian work culture sector. Another policy strives to give 50% pay if employees come to work sectors.

Condition of Working Women During Work From Home

There might be few cases where a woman is the sole earning member of the family. In India, working women are less in number, and their wages are comparatively less than men. For this reason, women are suffering due to this coronavirus outbreak. Women who had taken leave due to pregnancy and just decided to join the work sector are the real victims.

24 hours of work availability

States which have facilitated the work from home service made sure to introduce some flexibility. While many employees have stated it is not possible to provide 24 hours online presence, companies have decided to extend the working hours from 8 am to 11 pm. It is the general scenario but might vary with different companies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WFH

The pros and cons of work for home for Indian people are quite obvious. WFH allows employees to have certain flexibility and preferences. A major con of this system is that in a vast country like India, it is not at all possible to have the work from the home facility from every company.



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