2.0 Movie Review : Is 2.0 worth for watching or not?

2.0 Movie Review

Movie Review: 2.0(Enthiran)

Scientific advancement and Technology have contributed significantly to enhance the lives of the humanity. Be in it is the areas of farming, healthcare, electronics and communication, technology has resulted in a large-scale revolution throughout the world. Simultaneously, there is an adverse effect of the technologies & advancement and the magnum work 2.0 (Enthiran) by S. Shankar, which stars Akshay Kumar and Superstar Rajinikanth deals with one such theme.

The Story Line of 2.0(Enthiran)

2.0 (Enthiran) is a theme-based movie which talks on the subject of waves caused due to mobile phones  usage. The film begins with the suicide scene of Akshay Kumar who is playing the role of an ornithologist named as Pakshirajan. On the other hand, people are told about the Superstar Rajinikanth who is playing the role of Dr. Vasheekaran, he has produced a humanoid robot, Nila, named played by Amy Jackson. The story line of the movie turns interesting when the mobile phones start disappearing into the atmosphere. After the high investigation, it is exposed that it is the work of the 5th Force and exclusive of any choice; Dr. Vasheekaran is strained to reconstruct his dismantled humanoid robot, Chitty to defy the fight against the giant bird. The remaining portion of the movie is about the evil vs. good.

Movie Reviews of 2.0(Enthiran):

The film has tested and tried plot, but what creates it an exclusive movie is the outstanding visuals and sound effects. The story of the movie has the elements of science-fiction, vigilante and horror movies. Even though the theme is not strong, the dialogue writing keeps you affianced in most part of the flick presented by S. Shankar.

2.0(Enthiran) have the astonishing screen presence of the Superstar Rajinikanth, who doesn’t give any idea about his ageing at all. His character of Chitty and Kutty win the hearts of the people. Akshay Kumar, in the character of an antagonist, has become manifest with flying colors as the Birdman. His immense hard work is noticeable in every frame and Amy Jackson has played her character great as well. A prediction shows that the box office collections of Day 1 of 2.0 (Enthiran) will be beating several last records.

Beginning from the VFX to film making, all the units have contributed to make it an illustration wonder. However, the prime drawback of 2.0(Enthiran) is lack of funny side.

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2.0 (Enthiran) Leaked

The directors of 2.0 (Enthiran) might have taken actions to protect their film from thumping the pirate sites, but it has not assisted them too much coverage as the complete movie with diverse qualities has made it to the websites.

Nevertheless, it is dodgy to impact the collection of 2.0(Enthiran) as it is a film to be enjoyed in cinema houses.

Coming back to leak controversy it has been alarming large over not only Kollywood but also other movies industries across the globe. Though several stringent policies and measures have been implemented by controllers, none of them has been triumphant in curbing the hazard.


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