5 YouTube statistics to boost your 2021 Marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

The popularity of YouTube has seen a steady increase over the past many years. The year 2020 gave the platform a significant boost. Millions of people who took to YouTube to survive the lockdown restrictions have now emerged as loyal viewers.

A look at the Latest YouTube stats shows that the platform has an average of 2.3 billion active users who use their Google credentials to access YouTube every month. Since it is not mandatory to have a Google account to access YouTube, we estimate that the actual number of YouTube users is a larger value. This provides brands with an excellent audience to promote their products.

A well-planned YouTube strategy allows a brand to create targeted videos for its audience. An ideal YouTube strategy uses a combination of Live Videos, short-form content, and conventional videos to strike a chord with the audience. With strategic intros, YouTube cards, and CTAs, convey promotional content is easier than ever before.

The marketing potential of YouTube is immense, and it is up to brands to come up with innovative ways of leveraging that. Here, small businesses are given a fair platform to voice their products and compete with the established ones. Larger businesses that are already into the video marketing game can cross-promote their content on YouTube. When the links to YouTube videos are incorporated in the email marketing initiatives, users with a Google account can play the video from the inbox itself.

If you are still unsure on whether to use YouTube in your digital marketing initiatives, here are five statistics that will help you make your mind.

YouTube as a Search Engine and Social Platform

Before you get to using YouTube as a marketing platform, you need to understand that it is more than just another video-sharing platform. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. You need to treat the platform as a social media portal and encourage your viewers to like, share and comment on your posts.

Respond to the comments as promptly as possible and make sure that you are polite. Further, YouTube is the second most popular video search engine and boasts of more than a million searches every month. The search volume of YouTube is higher than that of Bing, Yahoo and AOL combined.

As a content creator, you can leverage this by using appropriate keywords in the video title and description. You can use tags to ensure that the video is easily searchable to people who are looking for similar content. Brands can also create attractive thumbnails to catch the user’s attention on the search results page of YouTube.

Growing Popularity of Branded YouTube Content

As the popularity of YouTube continues an exponential rise, it is encouraging to see branded video taking the front seat. As compared to June 2017, there has been a 99% increase in the consumption of branded video content. Today, there are millions of content creators promoting their brands on YouTube and there is intense competition.

Consequently, the quality of branded videos has seen a significant improvement, and people are eager to consume such content. With an increase in the views, marketers are getting more of their video marketing investments.

94% of video marketers claim that the adaption to the video has allowed them to portray their products realistically. Moreover, with most smartphones recording videos in HD quality and the easy access of free editing tools, creating a marketing video is an inexpensive affair for marketers.

Videos Assisting Customer Support

It is a Herculean task for brands to explain the assembling of their products to the customers. While many businesses invest their efforts in creating colorful user manuals, the fact is that most people are not keen on reading. As a brand, you can leverage this by creating demo or how-to videos where you talk about the product setup. Studies show that people are three times more likely to watch a video rather than read an instruction manual.

A demo video gives the user a holistic picture of how to assemble or use a product. That way, you simplify matters for your customers and win their trust. Over time, this results in a 43% reduction in the average support calls that you receive. This is a win-win situation as you will find it easier to guide your customers through video as compared to conventional support calls.

Video Convinces People to Buy Things

Video gives people a holistic picture of a business offering by showing it from multiple angles. This helps a person take a call on whether the item is suitable for their needs. 70% of people admit to purchasing items after watching videos of the same on YouTube.  As a brand, you should try to target your YouTube ads by intent instead of going by demographics.

Going by intent gets you a 100% improvement in the purchase intent. Alternatively, you can look for ways to combine intent with demographics and then release the ads. Such proactive measures on your part will result in a 32% higher recall value among the viewers. The targeted viewers will be less likely to skip the ads and you can also expect a higher watch time.

The Popularity of Beginner Videos and Gaming Videos

With the coronavirus pandemic altering lifestyles across the globe, millions of people took up new hobbies. From gardening to home workout videos, YouTube provided a world of learning opportunities. The videos that had the word ‘beginner’ in the title noted a 50% increase in views in the period between March and July.

Brands that created ‘at home’ videos and mentioned the same in the title saw an average of a 700% increase in the views. Thus, we see that the pandemic helped people perceive YouTube as a medium of knowledge transfer. We expect that this trend will continue in the coming days. Brands that provide informative content on how to pick up new hobbies at home will be a part of the viewer’s new hobby journey. Participation in the initial days of one’s new hobby will earn a brand loyal customer.

The above statistics are a clear indication of the fact that YouTube is a world of possibilities for brands that are keen on promoting themselves. Try to create a buyer persona and understand the expectations of your viewers. You can then create valuable content around that. The more targeted your YouTube videos, the better is your shot at marketing success.

As you come up with a posting schedule and deliver consistent YouTube content, more and more people will start recognizing your brand. You can then leverage this trend to boost your marketing strategies.



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