Alia Bhatt In Blackout List 2024 : What is Blackout Movement ?

Blockout List 2024

Alia Bhatt met gala appearance was grabbing attention due to the classic look. But now actress is in news because she has been added to Blockout list 2024. Indian actress Alia Bhatt is critised for her silence on Gaza Crisis.

This Blockout movment  2024 is for blocking celebrities on social media who remained indifferent for the current situation in Israel.

What is Blockout List 2024?

Blockout List 2024 is movement of blocking celebrities those are silent of the current going Israel Palestine conflict.Its a digital campaign on social media platforms specially on Tik Tok. People are blocking celebrities and business for not using platforms for speaking against the war. Blockout list contain name of a lot celebrities those are being unfollowed by mass users.

Popular Names in Blockout List

Popular names on the various lists include the Alia Bhatt, Kardashians, Selena Gomez, Gal Gadot, Noah Schapp and Zendaya, among countless others. Hailey biber lost almost 170K+ followers.

Why met gala is highlighted in Blockout Movement?

Met gala is the one of the most popular and lavish events. It almost spends $113,000 for the beatification of the event. Whereas Palestinians are starving for food and not getting necessary facilities to survive in current attack situation.

Indian Celebrities added to Blackout List

Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan are the Indian celebrities added to Blockout list.

How Blockout Works?

Blocking the celebrities and business on social media means not seeing any populated content which directly hit the algorithm as well. Blocking directly affect the views and analytics of the accounts, this directly impact on collaboration and promotions as well.

Backlashed on Blackout Movement are also populating but what will be the effect is still non countable. People have mix views for this movment.



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