Chesspreneur Vinayak Wadile is Ready to Conquer the Chess World

Vinayak Wadile
Vinayak Wadile Founder and CEO of Chessvicky setting new goals for the industry. No dream is too hard to achieve if you have the right mindset for it. A journey that once started with a small dream of winning...

Brown is the colour: Meenu Agarwal on colour’s evergreen and luxurious essence

meenu agarwal
Meenu Agarwal, the Founder, and Director of MADS Creations, a luxury interior design company, brings to light one such everlasting trend of brown colour and explains why it never gets out of fashion.

Akshay Hemke improving early childhood education with his startup ‘Eurolittles’

Akshay Hemke Eurolittles
Akshay Hemke founder of Eurolittles has completed his & MBA and has Technical and sales experience with Byjus.

Rajat Khare-led Boundary Holding makes investment in an aerospace firm

Artificial Intelligence startup
Rajat Khare, founder and CEO of Boundary Holdings stated that "Asteria Aerospace has the potential to fly higher."Asteria Aerospace offers Cygnus, a fixed-wing helicopter; A400, a multi-rotor drone; and Genesis, its software platform for fleet management and drone control.

Finndit Offers A Modern Approach To Conduct Business In India

Finndit finds itself in the midst of these changing business environments. Hence, this is your time to utilise this opportunity to avail the services offered by Finndit to ensure a boost in your growth and online presence. You would look back at this decision and realise the changes it made to your business in times to come.

Spook Book: Best restaurants to celebrate Halloween in Dubai

Halloween in Dubai
As the warm fuzzy month of October approaches its end, the world gears up for Halloween. Dubai is especially known as a city of fervour, and Halloween in Dubai is no different. If you are planning to visit the emirate during the...

Coal Crisis Must Stimulate India’s Commitment To Shift To Renewable Energy Sources!

coal crisis in india
coal crisis in india should be treated as an invaluable wake-up call. India is heavily dependent on coal to meet out its energy need. Over 70% of our requirement is fulfilled by our coal-powered energy production plants

Opportunities For Investment In The Digitized Real Estate Sector On The Back Of Modern Technology!

Real Estate Startup
Technology has crept into even the most trivial aspect of our lives. Digitization of every sector of the economy is the new norm in this day and age. The start-up culture is beginning to spread its roots into the Indian real estate...

InvITs Can Transform Both Infrastructure And Investment Sectors: Deepak Talwar

deepak talwar
Deepak Talwar, a veteran lobbyist in India’s corporate world, sheds light on the growing popularity of InvITs. As the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) gears up to commence its Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT), it already has made associations with prominent takers...

Rudraksh Immigration Group highlights the advantages of having a foreign degree!

Rudraksh immigration
Rudraksh Immigration Mohali is one of the pioneers in the field of overseas education consultancies located in Mohali. They have been active in this business for over 27 years now. Rudraksh Group has seen the entire landscape of foreign education for Indian students change over the...