Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod – Cello World’s Founder Emerging As Newest Billionaire

Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod
Cello World Founder

Cello World chairman, Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod have made sensations in every media house worldwide. His IPO saw an oversubscription of around an astonishing 39 times which would sure have made his late father Ghisulal Rathod, Cello founder proud. The recent entrant of Mr. Rathod in the billionaire’s club is worthy of a detailed description. Let us find out about the origin of cello, his IPO performance, Pros and cons of the IPO and much more.

The Origin of a Goliath- CELLO WORLD

Cello World Story

In 1967, in Goregaon, Mumbai, the late founder and chairman of the Cello Group, Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod, began a little plastic firm with seven machines and sixty staff to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shoes and plastic bangles. This was the beginning of the company.

  • And then it started branching out: In 1982, the Cello Group formally entered the market with the introduction of plastic house ware items. In 1986, the company established a plant for thermo-ware products.
  • In 1994, the company began producing plastic-molded furniture using cutting-edge molds imported from Italy.
  • The third Rathod heir, Gaurav Rathod, introduced the ‘Opal ware’ division in 2017—nearly 30 years later—and turned it into a Rs 200 crore company in under three years. Opal ware is a term used to describe heat-resistant opal glass products.

There are now thirteen production sites run by Cello World in five different cities across India. Cello World is the famous Indian brand know for quality and can be found easily in every Indian Kitchens.The charitable efforts of Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod is just as well-known as his economic ventures. Serving as president of the JITO Administrative Training Foundation and a trustee of the Badamia Charitable Trust demonstrate his dedication to giving back to the community. Rathod stands out in the Indian corporate world due to his successful business career and his commitment to social responsibility.

IPO major achievement

The three-day, highly-publicized Cello World Initial Public Offering (IPO) occurred from October 30 to November 1, 2023. The shares, which had a face value of 5 rupees apiece, were sold for a range of 617 to 648 rupees each, for a total of 1,900 crore rupees. Promoters and other shareholders were able to sell their shares at the first public offering (IPO), which was organized as a full Offer for Sale (OFS). On day two of the IPO, the subscription rate was 1.12 times, indicating that investors were pleased with the offering.

From November 6, 2023, the shares could be traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The additional issuance plus the over-the-counter sale brought the total issue size to Rs 1,900 crore. At a price of Rs 129, the Gross Market Premium (GMP) was set at an astounding 123.40 times the face value. A minimum investment of Rs 14,904 was required from retail investors. The promoters’ sustained investment in the company’s success and expansion is shown by their 51.63% equity after the IPO. Both Cello World and the investors who took part in its first public offering (IPO) achieved a great deal.

Investment risks associated with this initial public offering

  • One possible danger that Cello faces is its dependence on third party contract producers for specific products.
  • In order to guarantee a substantial amount of influence, owners intend to keep their large ownership even after the IPO. Company will not get any money from the sale if there are any big changes to this stake, which could have big consequences down the road.
  • There will be ups and downs in the results because cello is a seasonal business.

Reasons to consider this IPO

  • Strong market position and well-known brand
  • A wide range of products offered at different price points to meet the needs of different types of consumers
  • Delivery all around the country using a variety of means
  • Produce a wide variety of products while keeping optimal inventory levels with ease.
  • Impressive history of successfully expanding existing businesses

The journey of Cello world everyone should know

The chairman of cello world is Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod, an Indian businessman. He succeeded his father, Ghisulal Rathod, as head of the company. Despite his birthplace being Mumbai, Maharashtra, his ancestry is from the Pali area, specifically the village of Sadri in Rajasthan. At the tender age of eighteen, he became a part of the firm. Back then, PVC shoes and bangles were the company’s bread and butter. After he made an appearance in the kitchenware industry, he was quickly crowned “Casserole King” by the major media outlets. His father had the bright idea to shift focus to cookware after seeing plastic containers used to keep food warm on a vacation to the United States. The Indian market was devoid of any product at that time. The group truly experienced a moment of clarity.

Since Cello World’s foundation, Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod has played a pivotal role as both chairman and managing director. Along with his son, Gaurav Pradeep Rathod, and younger brother, Pankaj, he boasts over forty years of expertise in the field. The Maharashtra Achievers award for best entrepreneur of the year went to him in 2018. As the director of Plastics processors in India, an organization dedicated to the health and prosperity of the plastics industry as a whole, he takes great pleasure in his work.

Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod Entry To The Billionaire Club

Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod, Chairman and Managing Director of Cello World, has joined the exclusive club of India’s billionaires thanks to the company’s meteoric climb to fame in the kitchenware industry. In addition to its well-known kitchenware line, Cello World has branched out into other areas, such as pens, stationery and molded furniture, which accounts for 18% of the company’s revenue. After Cello World’s successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), Pradeep Rathod acquired a notable 44% stake in the company. The firm’s shares were listed at a premium of 28% above its IPO price, with the firm’s shares having been oversubscribed 39 times, according to Forbes. Pradeep is now an aristocrat with a net worth of about $1 billion (or about Rs 8,317 crore).



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