Rudraksh Group Offers Guidance For The 2022 Agri-Food Pilot Program For Canada

Rudraksh Immigration
Rudraksh Group is a pioneer in the field of overseas consultancy located in Mohali, Punjab. It has been in the industry for over 28 years. Canada is one of the top foreign destinations for Indians to migrate to. The 2022 Agri-Food Pilot...

Creative entrepreneur Radha Kapoor Khanna sheds light on the role of art connoisseurs

Radha Kapoor Khanna
The world of art is an intriguing one. The themes, the colors, and the canvas all come together to form a symphony that is admirable by all but understood only by those who have a keen eye. To know how to appreciate...

Sanjay Jain Jyoti Trading: Growth drivers of the fertilizer sector

Sanjay Jain Jyoti Trading
Fertilizers are critical to India's green revolution achievement and subsequent self-sufficiency in food grain production. The increasing use of fertilizer has made a substantial contribution to the country's ability to produce food grains in a sustainable manner. As a result, over the...

9 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

virtual event
The Internet is full of virtual event platforms that make it difficult for organizers to pick the best virtual expo platform for their next event. But having a clear vision of what you need in your virtual event can be beneficial to...

Khan Chacha CEO Sidhant Kalra lists benefits of tech-based restaurant management systems

In a world of rapid technological advancements, several innovations are transforming various sectors in an unprecedented manner. Restaurants are no different. From robotics to AI and more, new-age tech solutions are adding more convenience to the day-to-day operations....

Restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda discusses the benefits of restaurant pre-shift meetings

Sanjeev Nanda
Running a restaurant is challenging, but with ample communication and mutual understanding, things can get easier. While the conventional modes of communications (read emails) work to an extent, they fail to capture the human touch that comes with talking face to face....

India’s Native Livestock Need Special Care: Dr K Rathnam Sheds Light

Dr K Rathnam
Dr K Rathnam talks about the transformation of animal breeding in India and how his company ensures native livestock development in India. India’s livestock diversity is what it has made it today. The nation coequally owns its success to...

In 2021 Most Searched personalities In India

Most Searched People In India 2021
When it comes to what people are searching for, Google has revealed their "Year in Search 2021" list, showing what people are looking up the most. Here are this year's most popular Google search outcomes. Neeraj Chopra Indian...

Pop Up Shop Marketing Trend Gaining Traction Again?

Pop up shop
the pop-up shop is a retail outlet a new era for retail marketing in India. pop-up shops are the miniature version of big retail stores.

What Could The Crypto Bill Mean For The People Of India?

crypto bill
Crypto Bill has been drafted seeking to ban all the private cryptocurrencies in India. But more importantly, the Government acknowledges the relevance and potential of the blockchain technology on which these digital currencies are based.