Fact Report : How is corona dividing India in inter-state borders? How Indian people are suffering due to border sealing: Fight of Delhi, Haryana, and UP?

    delhi haryana noida border sealed
    How is corona dividing India in inter-state borders? How Indian people are suffering due to border sealing: Fight of Delhi, Haryana, and UP?

    The sudden hike in the rising positive COVID-19 case has created an alarming situation for everyone. India is currently ranking 7th position in the tally and that has created a feeling of havoc among the people. Governments are on high alert and are trying to do their best to reduce the level of rising infection. The only thing that is sighing relief at this moment is the recovery rate. It’s quite good and is being raised consistently. Even the mortality rate is also quite lower than that of other most infected countries globally.

    Poverty has been proven to be the major curse at this moment. The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 has dragged down the lower-middle-class persons and the laborers on knees. Migration and death due to the lockdown have created a question on our system. Facing a longer lockdown of about more than two months, the central government has started uplifting the lockdown with the announcement of Unlock -1 from June 1st. Home Ministry has planned to uplift the lockdown in three different phases.

    Lockdown is being uplifting with borders sealed. It might seem to be normal to some extent, but is it so? Not. The majority of the people across the nation are not in favor of opening up the state borders at this crucial time of the pandemic. A sudden opening of borders can put those states or areas into danger as well that are doing great till now. Precaution and safety are the two extreme terms that are being at a higher priority for all of the governments.

    Delhi, Gurgaon, Haryana are being fought for sealing borders at this moment and that has created a serious threat to the job opportunities on millions of people. One thing that we are dead sure at this moment is that unemployment in India is going to be at its peak just within a couple of months only. The situation at the Delhi border, Haryana border, and UPborder are being got worse with each passing day. Longer traffic queues on borders have put the governments in trouble as well.

    Is Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal is hiding the Reality of COVID-19?

    Well, this question has become the highlight of the hour. Starting up with the incidences of Shaheen Bag and TabliquiJamat in the Capital of India, the credibility of the facts being presented this moment is also questionable. Reports related to the altered Covid-19 details like the number of positive cases and the number of deaths is being consistently coming out and that has created a question on the functioning of Delhi Government. Still, the evidence is not being there and the Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is consistently denying about the rumors we have to believe what records are telling us.

    Capital has been partially unlocked and the odd-even system is going on. Metro, educational institutions, and malls still have to wait for a longer time to open up. Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal also has announced that the borders will be sealed for a week later on. People from any part of India are not allowed to enter Delhi without having any pass.

    Thousands of people from the NCR are working in Delhi and vice-versa and that has created a lot of mess during this time of emergency. People coming from Noida, Ghaziabad is facing a lot of problems due to borders. The majority of the companies have opened up their offices or other workstations. Companies want their employees but people are not able to reach out there due to the border restrictions.

    It’s not only about Delhi borders only but even the same scenario can be seen easily at Haryana borders and UP borders as well.

    Lockdown Failure: A result of negligence and overconfidence

    The announcement of a sudden lockdown on 24th March 2020 has strictly restricted everyone on their boundaries. Stay home and stay safe is the mool mantra of the majority of the people in such critical hours. But do you think, everyone has strictly followed that? Surely not.

    Rules and efforts of the central government were quite effective but do all the state governments have strictly follow those? Surely not. Lockdown failure is the only result of negligence and overconfidence of some state governments and putting down the things on the shoulders of people is questionable. State governments and the individual persons all have to take responsibility for the eruption of such situations.

    How companies with the minimum area will maintain social distance?

    Despite such a bad impact of Corona on our Economy one thing that we have realizes at this moment is that we Indian people have great immunity and can face any tough situation very easily. The announcement of Unlock – 1 has drag back everyone on their workstations. The situation seems to be quite relaxing and warning at the same time. We have to work for strengthening our economy and have to be careful and alert for the disease also. Lockdown is being uplifting but not the Corona. The only mantra that can work at this moment is Social Distancing.

    The government has announced the opening of all of the offices with precautionary measures. Social distancing needed to be on topmost priority. A distance of a minimum of 6 feet is being required to reduce the chances of being infected. But is it so easy to maintain in offices that have a minimum work area with 100% staff? Surely not.

    The functionality of every employee is equally important for a company. To work efficiently and safely during the time of such emergency companies with the minimum area can work on a shift system. Proper sanitization of the work station is being utmost required after each shift and hand sanitizers should be provided at the workstations so that employees can clean their hands often. Masks need to be a part of our lives and one needed to be quite careful while removing it.



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