Dr. V S Priya: First Female Transgender In Kerala

Dr VS Priya

Dr. VS Priya was born as a boy. Both his parents were nurses by profession. As he grew up, he started feeling more like a girl than a boy. Initially, he could do little like write things down in a diary. There was hesitation in being bullied by others. When he was 15, he shared the dilemma with his parents. They took him to a physiotherapist. But the physiotherapist told that it has nothing to do with mental illness. Till his graduation from Ayurved, he acted like a boy and was much concerned about his identity. 

Hussle and courage Behind the story

After he completed his BAMS degree and became an ayurvedic doctor, he decided to change his gender. The journey was not smooth, but Dr. Priya was determined and managed to gather courage. Unlike many other transgender people, he got his parent’s support. His initially upset parents now stood beside him and let him be what he feels as. 

Impact of Community and surroundings

Dr. Priya, a transwomen doctor of Ayurveda, is doing fine with her life. She had to go through many struggle-stricken days and years. She talked openly to her patients who identified her as a male physician earlier. Eventually, they started taking the matter lightly. Priya- the name was suggested by one of her cousins. She was Dr. Jinu before her sex-change operation. But now, as the name suggests, she is much loved by all. 

Success Story

It is no easy job to break a stereotype. At one point in time, Jinu decided to shift to a new place other than her hometown. She wants to live like a woman where people don’t question her orientation. But that was before the operation. Her dreams of living a life of a woman came true with six successful surgeries at hospitals. It took some 8 lakh rupees in Indian currency to get the operations done. VS Priya, the first transgender doctor in India from Kerala, is happily living her life now. She has her bright future ahead. The days are gone when She had to live with hesitation. She no more feels like she is living with the wrong body. 

 She is a living example of a successful, independent transgender person in India. A brave heart who is breaking the rules and making it great. Her parents and her brother, an MBBS doctor by profession, proudly stand beside her in her life’s journey. As society is developing its thinking, transgender people are getting their due share of human rights eventually. It was a positive change to notice. How beautiful it is to witness a person being allowed to be herself. The core values of humanity are being practiced more than ever before. India looks forward to progressing as a nation with a more human approach where people tolerate and accept each other.



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