Z and Oppo together with next Flagship with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855


Oppo findz will launch in MWC

MWC 2019 is right around the corner and people are rushing to the thrilling event as fast as they can. It has managed to grab onto the attention of a lot of people due to tech giants making an official announcement in the annual event to work on the latest products. It is expected to see many actions at LG, HMD Global and Sony to announce their phone flagship. This press event will be held on 25th February and goes through 28th February to announce the technology of hybrid optical zoom.

What is Oppo Findz?

Oppo Find Z is not just the phrase that is used but it is the next flagship on which Oppo is working on. It is all set to launch its new phone with the slider mechanism that is going to go beyond its limits of selfie camera. Its upcoming flagship states that they have documented a proper regulatory. The phone will be working on its latest feature of processor Snapdragon 855 in addition to the 5G support as per the mention of X50 modem.

There will be mass and commercial production purposes that will work on the speculated work for the phone. The technology is embraced by Oppo with open arms and help them to accommodate the fingerprint in-display sensor. There will be a total of two sensors in the phone for better security saving a lot of time. As per the reports, there will be 3D scanning as well in the Time of Flight – ToF – to work in.
The 5G networking and hardware processing have made it possible for this latest phone to work in the details that are more than enough to scarce. It is possible that in a week or so, more details about Oppo find Z will be out and we might be witnessing it soon. However, it is still doubtful that Oppo will actually launch the phone at MWC. Since the event is only a few weeks apart, then it is possible that we might not be able to watch out the final outcome. It is also possible to have a separate event just for Oppo to announce its flagship.



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