What are the problems kids facing due to Online Learning During Lockdown?

online learning

Online Learning- is it bloom or wither for the kid’s health

In today’s tech era, everything is possible on the online platform starting from education to online working platforms. But does depending too much on technology is good or bad that you would get you to know in this article.

 Online learning And Lockdown

Online learning can be understood as the synonym of self-explanatory. The learning procedures take place online. Various classes are conducted and usually taught by the professor. There’s no matter of time and place particularity. You can attend a lecture anytime, from anywhere. Even online exams are conducted.

Traditional learning

In traditional learning one has to go to school, the teacher and group of students in the class are gathered for the learning purpose and the examinations are conducted in the school as well. There shouldn’t be any of the schooling issues regarding the age-groups that include kids, young children, and teenagers. 

Because at that age period, one has to know how to interact with people, for better discipline, be physically fit, and mental alertness. Now, let’s see why traditional learning is considered better than online learning.

Is traditional learning is better than online learning?

  • The education purpose includes discipline, how to behave and these all cannot be taught on the online platform.
  • In traditional learning, there’s no chance of cheating during exams, while one can easily cheat in the online examination.
  • A kid needs to know about the outside world and for that sending them to school is important.
  • In online classes, the kids may have fun but won’t interact with the faculty and the faculty wouldn’t be able to recognize the lacking concept in the kid.
  • The problem with online education is that one cannot have continuous interaction with the teacher to solve their doubts or calm the exam fear.
  • In the school, the proper material is provided to the children for passing the exam with flying colors but it would be difficult with online education issues. As they don’t provide you the physical bundle of notes.

Hence, the above was the difference between traditional learning and online learning concepts. Now, let’s see some of the facts about how online learning can impact on the health issues for kids.

Online learning impacts on the kid’s health

online learning and kids
online learning and kids health

Kid’s age is all about going to school, make some friends, to play outdoor games and to enjoy this fun phase of life. The only way to make friends out the door is by going to school and due to e-learning, social isolation will become part of the kid.

Your child won’t spend the whole life learning on the laptop or device, right! He/she may face schooling issues such as shyness in making friends, low confidence in answering the question in front of the whole class, poor relationships with teachers, and much more. Hence, stop your kid to adopt shyness by eliminating the option of online learning.

Now, let’s see the health issues for kids due to online learning:

  • The electronic devices emit the blue radiation or short wavelength and it impacts the natural sleep-wake cycle of the kid. It causes the imbalance of the melatonin hormone that sends the signal of sleep to the body.
  • Studying online means having all the facilities at home. Hence, the kid’s obesity level keeps on increasing. The kid may keep feeding with some food while online classes. Due to the electronic device, one may feel fullness even though he/she hasn’t had a proper amount of food.
  • The kid wouldn’t be that active in sports and playing outside games, and hence, it would impact the body’s fitness of the kid.

Hence, the above was the problem with online education that can impact the kid’s health. Kids should be allowed to know the outside and that can only be done by sending them to school that is what called traditional learning. Traditional learning is very essential in the upbringing of a child.

Not saying that online learning is not good, it is best but not for kids. Online educations issues and their hazardous emitting waves can impact the kid’s health. It is better to let your kid open-up to the world by keeping him/her far away from the technology as much as possible. 

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