What would be life without gadgets?

life without gadgets
life without gadgets

In today’s era of technology, everyone is addicted to the gadget. No one can even think a day off from the gadget or electronic devices. It seems like technology and human have an unbreakable bond. Life would be miserable without gadgets.

Have you ever imagined the day without mobile, laptop, iPad, Instagram, Facebook, or any other electronic device? Let’s jump into some of the points that would make you feel that everyone nowadays is overdependent on the technology.

Are gadgets leading the human’s life?

We use gadgets in every single minute of life. The gadget plays a major role in everyone’s life. There’s a major change in everyone’s life due to the influence of electronic devices. There’s not mobile we are addicted to but even television, computers, fans, remotes, blubs and much more.

The mobile is highlighted from the above-given gadgets, and why it is so! It is due to we use mobile regularly. We talk through mobile, watch television through mobile, send mail, chat and much more. It seems like a phone has become a member of our life.

Nowadays, the morning is not with the sunrise but with a phone. The night is not with the walk with a family member but with the phone. Human has forgotten about the actual way of living life after the arrival of gadgets.

Now, let’s take the example of the present scenario, would be lockdown easy or hard without gadgets.

How would be Lockdown without gadgets?

In such a worst scenario due to coronavirus, everyone has been spending their entire day and night on the gadgets. It’s even hard to think about lockdown without gadgets and the hardest in real.

As due to COVID-19, the school, colleges, and workplaces have been closed temporarily, the employees are working from home, and the students are studying the online classes. The gadgets are the only friend to help them out in the lockdown.  

From the starting day of coronavirus lockdown, people are misusing gadgets daily. We all are stick to the phone screen or the television thing and damaging health. Even some of the people watch series at night although it is strictly ordered to sleep at night to build up proper immunity power to fight against COVID-19.

Hence, lockdown without gadgets is not that easy but one should know about the proper use of gadgets rather than misusing it. 

Advantages of gadgets

Starting with the biggest advantage of gadgets that is it has made our life easy living. You can talk to anyone from anywhere by just clicking on the call button. Earlier without a personal phone, one can be pay to make a call.

The gadgets are the connection between one personal and professional life via message, emails, social media, and video chat. They are not just used to make connections on the online platform but also in real life.

 Words would be less, to mention the advantages of electronic gadgets. We can do online shopping via gadgets. There’s a huge difference between going shopping and searching for the required item from shop to shop, and due to gadgets you just need to follow some of the clicks with your fingers. 

Disadvantages of gadgets

Maybe the small gadgets seem harmless, but the Global environment gets disturbed starting from manufacturing to disposal of electronic gadgets. The toxicity release from electronic gadgets such as materials of lead, mercury, and cadmium can harm the environment.

Yes! The communication gets better but on the other hand, social conflict arises. There’re many social media but it also comes with a disadvantage. As to upload a single picture on social media one has thought about how people would react on body shaming, color discrimination, and much more. Hence, there’s a lot of pressure on social media than why not to live a normal healthy life!

Agreed that due to gadgets, shopping has become easy but one has to be sure that the website is not a fraud. As the fraud website can link to the bank accounts or any of the private data. Hence, one should also be aware of cybercrimes.

Maybe the bond of humans and technology is unbreakable but let’s know that limits to use the gadgets or else the life cycle would keep going from human to technology and technology to humans. 

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