Simmba movie review story and acting of Ranveer and Sara


Simmba Movie Review

Simmba is the first blockbuster film of the 2019 year. Rohit Shetty has given a superhit film in the starting of the year. Review of Simmba attracting people to watch the movie. The film is a masala tadka film with lots of dialogues and action. After the success of “Singham”, Rohit Shetty is ready with the new blockbuster. Simmba is a combination of Tollywood and Bollywood. The movie is full of action, maar-dhaad, and romance. Ranveer Singh performance in “Padmavati” was appreciated by Indian people. With the new release, Simmba Ranveer has proved that he has the ability to work in every role. Simmba is an inspector full of drama and dialogues. Money is the only thing matters for Simmba in the first half of the movie. Acting of Sara Ali Khan in the movie is ok because Ranveer has performed his character so well that you can’t take the chance of missing him. The dialogues from the Simmba “e mala mahit nahin te mala sangh (tell me something, I don’t know)”is getting popularity among youth. People are comparing the film with “Singham” just because the movie is based on police. The acting of Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh is very much different from each other.

Story Line Of Simmba Movie

The real name of Simmba is Sangram Bhalerao, a corrupt cop with the bargaining and wisely spoken abilities. But he is kind-hearted for the people in his surroundings. His life change when he transferred to Miramar Police Station, Goa. It is famous for gold mining. Simmba shakes hands with the Durwa Ranade(Sonu Sood), don of the place. The film changed when Simmba’s sister from another mother was brutally killed and raped by Druwa’s brothers. The story takes a turn from here and changes Simmba.You can go to watch the movie is a paisa vasool movie. It has already entered in 200cr club collection. Simba is a family action drama. Rohit Shetty has worked on his movie character in the movie. Gol Maal Jodi is performing in movie song “Aankh Maare.”Ashutosh Rana is also playing a significant role in the film. Ajay Devgan entry in the second half as a Singham is the special ingredient of the movie. Rohit Shetty has announced his next film of the series Suryavanshi. Akshay Kumar will play a role in police in Suryavanshi.

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