Online classes: To keep the wheel of education running during COVID-19

Online classes To keep the wheel of education running during COVID-19

Covid-19 or the Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China during the latter half of 2019. Today this disease is damaging the whole world. This contagious ailment has already claimed around 50000 lives across the globe. 

E- Learning During Coronavirus

As Covid-19 is contagious, everyone has been asked to stay at home. And this order has been made mandatory throughout the world. To prevent this pandemic from spreading further, every country has decided to maintain a complete lockdown until this disease is contained. Hence, offices, educational institutions, entertainment centres will remain close until further updates. 

Covid-19 has already spread like wildfire, and for that everyone is maintaining quarantine and reframing from socializing. Yet, one cannot stop working. People belonging to different sectors are working from home to continue with their work, without getting infected. 

Development of e-learning

Different educational institutions have also implemented this method. In India, HRD or The Human Resource Development has requested various prestigious institutions like the IIT, IIM, to develop e-learning modules so that students can continue with their education.  

 Swayam Online Learning App

Due to the widespread of Coronavirus, the educational calendar is being disrupted. Therefore, the central ministry of education has asked to use internet facilities to continue their sessions. Further, the platform of “Swayam” has also been introduced for e-learning. 

Other than, Swayam, institutions can also use Skype, Google Chats as an online learning procedure. The institutions are also preserving the study materials for students who do not have access to the internet currently. By preserving the materials, it gives students the chance to learn the same later.

Quarantine Facilities During Coronavirus

Other than the e-learning modules, central universities like the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and others are preparing quarantine facilities. The administration can utilize such services during the hour of need. 




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