Impact Of Corona On these 5 Industries may slow down Indian Economy

    impact of corona

    China originated virus, has spread like wildfire across the globe. Today the overall number of deaths is 137078 and increasing. Due to this contagious disease’s widespread, every individual is forced to stay at their houses until the situation is getting contained. 

    Considering the impact of Corona, the authorities have shut down offices, factories, educational institutions, etc. Further, the head of each nation has requested their citizens to maintain social distancing and stay in quarantine. Likewise, the government have permitted every individual to work from home, and for students, they have asked to continue their education via online classes. 

    The above-stated initiatives are the only measures which can be utilized to fight against Coronavirus. Yet, as the world is maintaining a complete shutdown, it is needless to say that the world economy is falling. 

    According to the recent analysis, it can be said that the following sectors are going to be profoundly affected, post this pandemic – 

    Real estate Survival After Pandemic

    One of the primary industries, real estate is already experiencing a surge in its rate. In India, the Chairman of HDFC, Mr Deepak Parekh, has analyzed that the price may fall up to 20%. Though this is going to affect the developers severely, for customers with a steady flow of income, it is an ideal time to make investments. 

    Mr Parekh not only provides you with his insight but also shared a few cost-cutting ideas to survive this pandemic. Further, it can be said that, though currently, the prices are falling the economy and this sector may gradually experience, growth after Corona

    Educational Institutions Survival Post Covid-19

    The industry of education is undergoing a total lockdown. Schools, colleges, universities are already closed, and most international students have been successfully sent to their homeland. In India, this sector will be closed to till 10th June 2020. 

    Further, in the US, the government are sheltering and providing different off-campus jobs to international students. The USCIS has come up with this agenda to help such students to survive the significant impact of Corona

    Coronavirus Attack On Technology

    One of the leading sectors, of the world, technology is facing hardship due to Coronavirus. The offices have been shut down as a measure to fight against the disease. Every employee is continuing their work through work from home

    In this context, it can be said that various business tycoons are and organizations are helping the government and the medical practitioners financially. The contribution of the CEO of the TATA Group has been appreciated across the globe. Mr Ratan Naval Tata has contributed Rs. 1500 crore to help the government to continue with their medical facilities smoothly. 

    Covid-19 Impact On Import and export

    Considering the Indian economy, it can be said that one of the most extensive revenue systems of this nation lies it its import and export business. Due to this contagious disease, all international dealings have been put into a halt as it may further spread Covid-19.

    It is needless to say that the stagnant state of this sector may cause the world a colossal loss not only financially but also in the case of supplies of different goods and services. After the situation is contained, it can be said that this sector may experience gradual growth after Corona. 

     E-commerce Will Rise Or Fall?

    Considering the impact of Corona and its contagious nature, the platform of online business has remained closed. Although the sector is partially open to provide necessary commodities. In some places other than medicine, food delivery is also unrestricted so one can survive Covid-19 with as much ease as possible. 

    As the lifestyle section has been made closed, it will affect the Indian economy and the economy of the world in future. But one can expect a steady flow after the situation becomes normal.


    In conclusion, it can be said that though the economy is falling, it may experience a gradual growth post this pandemic. To make that happen, one should maintain the government settled protocols and avoid panicking. 



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