5 Famous Players Died During Match

Players Died During Match

In the realm of athletics – passion, technique, rules, patience and perseverance are king. Classic and exciting for players and spectators alike because to the aggressiveness and enthusiasm of the players. Players’ lives are on the line in these thrilling yet perilous game. Many players died while playing last match of their life on field. Many players died in match-related accidents. We have compiled the top 5 players

1. Phillip Hughes – Hitman Died On The Field

Phillip Hughes died on field

Hughes demonstrated why he was one of the most intriguing young talents available when he became the youngest player to hit a century in a Pura Cup or Sheffield Shield final. Hughes became the youngest player to do so at the age of 19. Michael Clarke, the captain of Australia, had predicted that Hughes would be a 100-test man just a few short months before he passed away. When Phillip Hughes, who was 25 years old at the time of his death, was struck by a bouncer on the side of his head, below the helmet, the cricket world was dealt a devastating blow on November 27, 2014. The match was going well for him up until the point where he faced a bouncer while batting at 63. He had hit his half century at that point. Hughes passed away under the circumstances. Hughes suffered a brain hemorrhage while playing a Shield game in Sydney. The injury occurred when he failed to hook his opponent, resulting in the injury. Following his arrival at the hospital from the SCG, he underwent surgery; however, he did not regain consciousness following the procedure. The burial was conducted on December 3 at his hometown of Macksville, and it was attended by cricketers of all stripes, as well as officials, including the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott.

2. Wasim Raja – Player Died In The Match

Wasim Raja Player died on field

Wasim Raja was a remarkable left-handed stroke maker who took pleasure in hardship. He was also a decent leg spinner and on few times, began the bowling for Pakistan. Furthermore, he was an amazing cover fielder who was also quite light in weight. Raja’s decision to bat at a score of 140 for three during the World Cup match between Pakistan and West Indies at Edgbaston was the decisive moment that turned the tide of the match in his team’s favour.  Pakistan reached a score of 266 thanks to Raja’s 58 from 57, which was a strike-rate that was above 100 at the time. This meant that Pakistan was very close to winning the match. Raja suffered a heart attack on August 23, 2006, while he was playing cricket with the Surrey over-50s team in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England. He passed away as a result of his heart attack. While he was fielding, he experienced dizziness and later as he was leaving the field he passed out. Given that he was only 54 years old, the news regarding players died astonished the cricket community. All directions were filled with obituaries.

3. Peter Biaksangzuala – Indian Footballer Died After Goal Celebration

Peter Biaksangzuala Player died due to back flip

After flipping over to celebrate scoring a goal in a game, Peter Biaksangzuala sustained injuries that ultimately led to his death on October 19, 2014. The defensive midfielder played for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, which competed in the highest amateur level in the Mizoram region, which is a small territory in the north-eastern part of India. At the time of his passing, he had only reached the age of 23. During the encounter against Chanmari West FC, Biaksangzuala scored a header in the 62nd minute, and he celebrated by completing a number of backflips. After suffering a rough landing, he was immediately surrounded by his colleagues and officials who were in a state of alarm. Almost immediately, Biaksangzuala was transported to a local hospital, where a computed tomography (CT) scan revealed that his spinal cord had been compromised. Later on, he was transported to the intensive care unit, where the medical staff pronounced him dead.

4. Raman Lamba – Head Shot By Ball

Raman Lamba Player Died

Raman Lamba was an aggressive, although technically dubious batsman whose career had great potential but never materialised. A somewhat successful cricketer, Lamba made his national debut in the mid-1980s. Lamba was playing for Abahani Krira Chakra in the Bangladesh Premier League in Dhaka when he was fatally injured on February 20, 1998. In the encounter against Mohammedan Sporting, he was ordered to relocate from the outfield to forward short leg during a Saifullah Khan over. Lamba denied a helmet while standing near the bat, saying “it is just three balls and it will not be a problem”. Mehrab Hossain pulled a short Saifullah Khan delivery hard, hitting Lamba in the forehead so hard that Mashud, the wicketkeeper had to backpedal to grab it. Lamba stood and carefully returned to the dressing room after ensuring fielders he was okay. Lamba informed teammates that he felt sick and was taken to the hospital after the team doctor instructed him to lie down and drink water. He had lost consciousness by the time he arrived and doctors removed a blood clot from his left brain following convulsions. A specialist flown in from Delhi said there was little chance of recovery and returned immediately. With family agreement, Lamba’s life support was shut off three days after being hit. His wife, Kim who flew up from Delhi was by his bedside with their five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. The news of the best of the players died left the cricketing community in tears.

5. Arne Espeel – Player Died In Match While Saving Penalty Kick

Arne Espeel, who was 25 years old and played for Winkel Sport B, passed away after saving a penalty kick against Westrozebeke during a match that took place in the second provincial league of Belgium. In the second half when his team was leading 2-1 and the young Belgian custodian had just saved the penalty kick, he stopped breathing and passed out. After blocking the penalty kick, Espeel immediately slumped which gave the impression that he was overjoyed with his performance. Espeel was pronounced dead not long after emergency personnel arrived at the site to use a defibrillator in an attempt to bring him back to life despite their best efforts.

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Rich leagues and nations can now afford to buy cutting-edge gear and implement stringent safety regulations. These leagues provide their athletes the best of everything: cutting-edge carbon fibre technology, top-notch protective gear and first-rate medical support staff. The best of the players died due to unavailability of these crucial elements and the leagues have vowed that fate of future superstars should not be the same. It is better to be safe than sorry. But no amount of preparation will ever completely eliminate the possibility of harm or death.



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