Tips For Immunity Boosting In The Time Of Coronavirus

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    In this tough of time of disastrous coronavirus outbreak, there are many ways in which the immunity system can be made stronger to fight against it. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 to be a severe global pandemic. The whole world is fighting against this pandemic as it poses a serious death threat to humanity.

    The Need to Boost up Immunity System

    As everyone is aware, this dangerous virus spreads and infects people through contamination or touching. As crucial as it is to wash hands frequently, maintain a thorough and regular sanitary routine, forming a standard hygiene process – these sorts of preventive measurements are only taken to stop the coronavirus spreading. But the complications take on a serious note when a person has a low and weak immune system. This coronavirus targets the lungs, and from there, the actual harm starts to grow.

    Researchers have shown that coronavirus affects the people who generally have a weak structure of the physical body where antibodies are not produced enough. Statistics informs that people who are above 55 years old are mainly the victims. Individuals who have who are the patients of diabetes, hypertension or respiratory issues run the risk of getting affected with COVID-19. While it starts as a minor infection, it can turn for the worst if the proper care of the health is not taken.

    Immunity System Boosting Measurements

    Apart from engaging in cleanliness and disinfecting oneself as well as the surroundings, immunity boosting is one of the critical aspects to ward of this deadly situation. People who are already suffering from other diseases must take extra cautions to keep themselves healthy and fit. Some of the ways through which immunity boosting can be undertaken –

    Diet Improvement For Boosting Immunity

    Food determines the overall health as well as immunity of a person. Opting for diets of low carbs control diabetes and high blood pressure. Focusing on diets which are rich in protein help to maintain the excellent shape of the body. It is essential to eat foods which are rich minerals and vitamins as they help to build the resilient power of the body against infections. Seeds of flax, pumpkin or sunflower are some excellent sources of vitamin E. Yoghurt or Yakult helps to keep the body cool and rejuvenate the gut bacteria composition. These are good for older generations as well.

    Proper Sleep

    • Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended to boost the immune system of the body. The rest improves the body to fight against exhaustion and increases brain functions productivity. Lack of sleep nullifies the actions inside the body of flu vaccines.


    • Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day is a must. This helps to flush out all the toxins out from the body and thereby, lowering the chances of catching the virus. Other options are drinking juices to keep the body active and cool.

    Regular Exercises

    • Performing a routine exercise not only release the harmful toxins from the body but also significantly boost the immune system. Depending on a person’s stamina, doing exercise for 30-45 minutes is a very helpful step. There are several apps and channels which a person can seek help to do exercises. It improves the metabolism of the body, which has a direct correlation with the immunity system.


    • It is rather difficult to be stress-free in this time of COVID-19 outbreak and crisis; any person needs to keep the mind refreshed and void of tension. Some steps, like practising meditation, are suggested. This induces a positive impact on the hormone named cortisol which is responsible for making the body susceptible to infections. Engage in activities which are mind calming and nerves soothing.

    Quit Smoking

    • Avoid certain habits such as smoking, vaping or alcohol consumptions. This weakens the lung capability and damages the cells of the respiratory tracts, which are useful to fight against viruses.


    The rate of anxiety growth throughout the world due to this pandemic is certainly a serious concern to think of. It is affecting millions of people across the globe, and the uncertainty is certainly overwhelming. But, to fight the spread, it is, therefore, essential to building a strong body immunity.



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