Dada supported Yuvi, while Kohli and Dhoni remained behind the curtains


NEW DELHI: Yuvraj Singh, the former all-rounder said that he was supported by Sourav Ganguly much more than he got from Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.

The cricketer had his debut under the captaincy of Ganguly in the 2000 Champions Trophy against Australia. He also played for Dravid, Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni as well as Kohli at various stages in his career.

Yuvraj’s claim

When an interview was conducted by Sportstar, Yuvraj said that he had played under Ganguly and received immense support from him. After that, Mahi took over. It was difficult for him to choose between Ganguly and Mahi. He had many memories of the time he had under Ganguly due to his support. He did not get that kind of encouragement from Dhoni and Kohli.

The remarkable left-hander wishes the current team of India needs to have a “good guy” who will interact with the players regarding various issues which shall improve the on-field performance.

Yuvraj has played 304 ODIs; under Ganguly – 110 and Dhoni – 104.

Yuvraj wishes the Indian team to have a coach like Paddy Upton

Before retirement in the last year, Yuvraj said the team which is led by Virat Kohli needs a coach like Paddy Upton. He was able to talk to the players regarding life as well as other issues related to off-field. He performed as mental health coach of the cricket team in India at the time of Gary Tenure’s term as a coach.

He believes that the Indian teams require a person who can discuss these personal details as an authoritative psychologist. This, in turn, reflects on the performance on the field.

Yuvraj Singh, the 38-years old celebrated cricketer, also shares his personal feelings regarding the current state of coronavirus outbreak and the resulting lockdown.



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