Deep Kalra : The Man Who Changed the Forum of Indian Online Traveling

Deep kalra
Deep kalra success story

The extraordinary man who is responsible for altering the ecosystem of online travel in India is none other than Deep Kalra. This article will focus on the inspiring story of the struggle as well as the hard work this man has gone through to make a groundbreaking stand on MakeMyTrip. He is now the chairman and the group CEO of the company MakeMyTrip. It is considered to be one of the largest Indian travel booking online site. This statement shall make us ponder how this aspiring entrepreneur had strived to reach the pinnacle and becoming MakeMyTrip owner.

In an interview conducted by TechSparks (Delhi, 2013), Kalra said that it had taken him 8 years to decide what he wanted to pursue.

A Look Back to Deep Kalra’s Life

He had studied Bachelors in Economics from St. Stephens College in Delhi, 1987. He completed his MBA degree from IIM-A when he was 23 years old. For his first job, Deep Kalra got into the Banking sector. After three years, he felt that doing his job at ABN Amro Bank was not fitting his taste at all, and therefore, he resigned from it. When the resignation was completed, he took a break for over a year to thoroughly ponder regarding his life-defining careers. From then onwards, the adventure towards MakeMyTrip story begins.

Deep Kalra Biography

ProfessionBusinessman , CEO of Makemytrip
Schooling St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
Higher Education MBA, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Family Wife – Amrita kalra ,

The Startup Story of MakeMyTrip

Deep Kalra, who is an IIM-A alumnus, became the MakeMyTrip owner in the year 2000. At first, it was launched in the market of the US in the same year, which catered the travelling needs of Us-to-India overseas community. During his break, he started a business of bowling alleys in the time of 90s. But, it was unable to match against some international brands like McDonald’s for which, he had to shut down the business after an operation of 4 years. Though the experience had been a great inspiration for his startup story, however, the whole entrepreneurial system had been a huge economic disaster for him.

Deep Kalra claims that everyone has an entrepreneurial side. Depending on the same amount of money they earn, they will rather work for themselves.

Success Story Of Deep Kalra

Deep Kalra success story started when he decided to start something of his own. But for that, he required more time as well as knowledge investment. For this purpose, he joined the Capital of GE and headed towards Business Development. GE had gained a lot of support from Deep through the internet and made great acquaintances with Indian Internet top players. During this time, he witnessed the power of the internet and also recognized the services it provided and to the customers. After a year, Deep Kalra success story finally started when he started his venture to MakeMyTrip story.


Deep Kalra was honoured with Ernst & Young Award for being the Entrepreneur in Business of the Year.


Deep Kalra’s startup story concentrated on doing a good business, irrespective of whether it was big or small. It has to be a clean business, and one can feel proud of. Real people in business are made with devotion and dedication, not the amount of time spent to stand that business. It took Kalra more than a decade to make MakeMyTrip a complete success. It is indeed an inspiring story of how hard work and tenacity can change the world.



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