5G smartphones are the new king of speed here is sneak peak of qualcomm event

5g smartphones

The coming year, 2019 will be a year that will forever recognize for the huge development in the domain of smartphones. The 5G-set smart phones are going to be the ruler of 2019. Many leading names of the cell-phone industry are in the race to confirm their upcoming 5G models. Biggest brands such asHuawei P30, Samsung Galaxy S10, and OnePlus 7 areplanning their launch in next year.

What is 5g?

After the success of 3G and 4G now 5G is in demand for the latest updates and  technology.A buzz of 5g smartphones going viral in the market.What makes 5G diffrent from others? 5G is faster but it depands on some spcial feature like your location,network and device.It helps you maintain fast uploads and downloads. According to lab results speed of 5G is much faster than 4G .We can say 5G is all about watch speed,capacity and strong signals.

Qualcomm Talks about 5G

Then hurling in the fact ChristianoAmon, the President of Qualcomm, has stated that “each and every vendor of Android manufacturing is working of 5G right away” and it becomes more and more clear that by the end of the year 2019, 5G is going to be glowing and truly in India.

Certainly, talking at Snapdragon Technology Summit of Qualcomm in Hawaii in early days of December of the year 2018, Christiano confirmed that: “By the celebration next year, every flagship mobile phone, at least when it comes to those using Android software of Google and using Snapdragon processor of Qualcomm will knock into 5G.”

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Add in some further leaks and rumour to the official statements, and it is obvious that the year 2019 is going to be not merely a year where 5G technologies will knock the laboratories, but when it will, in reality, arrive in the smartphone and there are ample of factors to get excited.

The next-generationtechnology data will not only entirelyburn 3G and 4G in terms of data speed, but it also has the perspective to radically modify how the best smartphonesin the world as are used every day.

Manufacturing partnersare eagerly waiting for these excitingadvancements with the other smartphonedevelopments above the horizon. It is easy to notify why severalanalysts are pegging in the year 2019 as a big year of transformation for smartphones.


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