Rajat Khare-led Boundary Holding makes investment in an aerospace firm

Artificial Intelligence startup

Boundary Holding, a European investment fund, has announced its investment in Asteria Aerospace. This robotics and artificial intelligence company is based in Bengaluru.

Asteria, founded by Neel Mehta and Nihar Vartak, offers unmanned aerial platforms for the military and law enforcement, as well as to the mining, construction, and oil industries. Asteria’s drone-based solutions provide actionable intelligence from aerial data, and seamlessly integrate into operational workflows.

Rajat Khare, founder and CEO of Boundary Holdings stated that “Asteria Aerospace has the potential to fly higher.”

Asteria Aerospace offers Cygnus, a fixed-wing helicopter; A400, a multi-rotor drone; and Genesis, its software platform for fleet management and drone control. Asteria has gained some interesting clients, including Indian paramilitary forces, state police forces and multinational companies, as well as a variety of industrial applications.

Since the drones were first introduced to the market, in both the national and global markets, they have shown immense potential. The ease of use, accessibility, and integration with other technologies like measuring units, cameras, load carriers, or even cameras is impressive.

Boundary Holding’s investment follows a global trend that reflects international interest in Artificial Intelligence and its utility in surveillance by drones. The drones and the aerial data they collect have proven to be highly efficient in intelligence gathering and informed decision-making.

“We are delighted to add Asteria Aerospace into our portfolio of investments for Artificial Intelligence. Asteria Aerospace, according to Rajat Khare – Artificial Intelligence company investor, is in a strong position to fly higher with this association.

This investment comes on the heels of XRVision, a Facial Recognition startup based in Singapore. Deep tech Investment Firm Boundary Holding plans to build a portfolio of companies offering amazing AI solutions in various sectors by investing in several parts of the AI value-chain. Boundary Holding could benefit from the parallel investments. This space is gaining a lot of attention in international markets due to its potential for AI-based Video Content Analytics and actionable drone intelligence.

AI-complaint facial recognition technology and video analytics will change the face of many industries, especially those in security and surveillance. AI and deep technology integrated videos analytics tools will be able to drive future decisions and improve operational efficiency.

This technology is extremely accurate and has wide-ranging capabilities, making it one of the most promising areas for investment. Predictive video analytics and facial recognition technology are bringing about major changes in the sector of surveillance, damage prevention, and security. Despite this, XRVision’s efforts to improve video analytics have attracted significant investment.



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