Sanjeev Nanda’s ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals: Transforming the pharma scenario across the globe

sanjeev nanda

Continuing his streak of successful enterprises, British businessman Sanjeev Nanda, along with his existing portfolio of prominent hotels, restaurants, and eateries across the globe, he is also working towards transforming the pharma infrastructure globally with ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals.

A fully integrated pharma company with an experienced business leader like Sanjeev Nanda as its Managing Director, ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals aims at creating a holistic pharmaceutical ecosystem that facilitates the production, development and supply of various medical drugs, innovative devices, and diagnostics.

Adopting a phased approach towards meeting its objectives, ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals was started with a capital of US $60 million. The company plans to expand its operations to nations across the globe. While the primary focus remains on Europe, Sanjeev Nanda also plans to also tap into the potential of emerging markets in Asia and Africa with ISHVAN.

The emerging pharma giant is working vehemently towards creating a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical infrastructure in several nations. ISHVAN’s primary offerings include access to the latest generation of medical drugs for the treatment of diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV. The market size for drugs for these diseases is expected to be a whopping $420 million.

Other projects by ISHVAN include a Rotavirus and Varicella vaccine. The vaccine is panned to be manufactured after initial distribution arrangements following a successful round of trials that continued for a year. The first phase of the clinical testing of the vaccines has been rigorous but fruitful, and the vaccine is now approved for full-scale local production in the target market by 2023.

Under the leadership of Sanjeev Nanda, ISHVAN pharmaceuticals also entered into agreements with top-notch pharma companies such as Laurus, Cipla, and Myla in order to procure the technology needed for efficient manufacturing of medical drugs (both API and FDF). The company has also acquired Market Authorization (MA) from existing pharma firms in certain target markets.

In the recent times, the onset of Covid-19 pandemic led to an acute shortage of nitrile gloves around the world. ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals helped several countries overcome this crisis by establishing direct access to manufacturers and wholesale distributors based in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Thailand, and supplying these gloves to customers in US, UK, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Apart from nitrile gloves, Sanjeev Nanda’s ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals has also been supplying essential products such as sanitizers, NIOSH Masks, 3M masks (8210 and 1860), 3-Ply masks, N95 masks, and KN 95 masks. The company is also supplying PPE kits for doctors and medical workers, face shields, isolation gowns, bed pans, ventilators and humidifiers, in a bid to aid the global community beat the Covid-19 pandemic.



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