2023 Dynamic Business Ventures of BollyWood Celebrities

Business Ventures of Bollywood celebrities

The world of entertainment is often associated with the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. However, some of our favorite Bollywood stars have ventured beyond acting and embraced entrepreneurship, showcasing their versatility and business acumen. In this blog, we will explore the successful business ventures of Bollywood celebrities, Parineeti Chopra, Akshay Kumar, and Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt

Recently, Sanjay Dutt, a prominent celebrity, has joined the ranks of famous personalities venturing into the alcohol industry by investing in an alcobev startup named Cartel & Bros. This trend of celebrities launching their alcohol brands has seen significant success. In collaboration with Cartel & Bros, Dutt has introduced ‘The Glenwalk,’ a Scotch whisky that holds promise.

As per a report by Moneycontrol, The Glenwalk brand operates through a shared partnership of visionaries, namely Mokksh Sani and Mahesh Sani, the masterminds behind Living Liquidz—one of India’s largest liquor retail chains. Additionally, Jittin S Merani, the driving force behind Drinq bar academy, and Rohan Nihalani, the esteemed owner of Morgan Beverages, contribute their expertise to the venture.

The Glenwalk is meticulously crafted and bottled in Scotland, using pristine Scottish water. This meticulous process ensures an unparalleled and genuine taste of Scotch whisky.

The emergence of The Glenwalk, backed by the expertise of seasoned professionals and the involvement of celebrated actor Sanjay Dutt, promises a delightful addition to India’s flourishing whisky market. Its dedication to upholding the true essence of Scotch whisky elevates it to a category of its own, capturing the hearts of whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Sanjay Dutt has also embraced his passion for food and creativity by establishing “Dutta’s The Food Studio.” This upscale restaurant venture presents a fusion of delectable cuisines and artistic ambiance. “Dutta’s The Food Studio” offers a unique dining experience, blending gastronomic delights with aesthetically pleasing decor.

Akshay Kumar

Renowned actor Akshay Kumar has teamed up with the Good Glamm Group to embark on a new joint venture. This exciting partnership aims to cater to the burgeoning men’s grooming sector by offering a range of personal care and wellness products tailored specifically for men. As an established beauty unicorn, the Good Glamm Group brings its expertise to this promising foray into the world of male grooming.

Both Akshay Kumar and the Good Glamm Group are committed to the success of this venture and will invest significant capital to ensure its smooth launch later this year. This collaboration marks yet another milestone in Kumar’s entrepreneurial journey, complementing his ownership of the esteemed film production house, Cape of Good Films, and the recent launch of his athleisure brand.

The actor’s prominence and influence in the industry are undeniable, as affirmed by the prestigious Kroll Celebrity Brand Valuation Report 2022. According to the report, Akshay Kumar ranks as the third most valued celebrity in India, boasting an impressive brand value of $153.6 million. With such a strong foundation, the joint venture is poised for success, and consumers can eagerly await the unveiling of the innovative men’s grooming products crafted with finesse and care.

Parineeti Chopra

Clensta International, a burgeoning personal care startup, has successfully secured Rs 75 crore in funding through a round led by TradeCred and the Royal Family from UAE, as announced on Tuesday.

In a significant move, popular actress Parineeti Chopra revealed her investment and partnership with the personal care brand on Monday. Following this announcement, Clensta has officially appointed her as their brand ambassador, cementing their association.

Clensta International takes pride in offering a diverse array of sustainable wellness products. These products are the result of extensive research and development carried out at the prestigious IIT-Delhi. Notably, the brand boasts ownership of five technologies and patents, a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Also, known for her captivating on-screen performances, Parineeti Chopra has been redefining the concept of fitness with her venture, “Play with Pari.” As an advocate of holistic well-being, Parineeti founded this fitness platform to inspire people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. “Play With Pari” offers a range of fitness programs, personalized meal plans, and virtual coaching to cater to diverse fitness goals.

The journey of Parineeti Chopra, Akshay Kumar, and Sanjay Dutt from the realm of entertainment to the world of entrepreneurship exemplifies their versatility and vision. Beyond their acting prowess, they have ventured into businesses that not only showcase their skills but also make a significant impact in various spheres.



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