CES 2020: Major Players of Smartphone industry ready to dive in new AI products

samsung AI NEON
samsung neon

Technology is revolutionizing every second. And it is becoming clearer, day by day, that this revolution will need a hand in hand support of artificial intelligence. AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. As the market for smartphones is rapidly expanding in India, it is only consequential that major leading smartphone producers now are stepping in to create handsets and operating systems that integrate artificial intelligence.

Samsung Set to launch Artificial Intelligence NEON at CES 2020

Commotion was caused when Samsung’s research lab, Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs (STAR Labs), teased about the launch of NEON, that seems to be an AI based product, which the company has asserted would provide a “human level AI experience”, though it still remains unclear whether the product will work as aa digital assistant or a something utterly unusual, like a AI based robot.

The product is going to be launched at CES20, the mega technology convention that is going to take place in Las Vegas, from 7th to 10th January.

 Tweets posted by NEON life account on Twitter, and by Pranav Mistry on his account, hint that the AI would have a multilingual interface. Pranav Mistry, the India born, previous global vice president of the company who has launched several amazing products like SixthSense and Galaxy Gear, is now the CEO and President Of STAR Labs, and it’s likely that NEON is under his wing.

VIVO Launching AI Enabled  Phones

Vivo, one of the leading producers of smartphones in India, occupying a 17% of the market share which it captured in the third quarter this year, standing at the third position in the smartphone market in India, has decided to launch its new handsets, in the year 2020, AI driven 5G enabled technology, so as to match the expectations of a fast paced generation.

“We are deeply focused on bringing new innovations to stay ahead in the smartphone segment” said Nipun Marya, the director of brand strategy of Vivo India. He further added that the year 2019 has been really good for the company. Almost all smartphone brands have set out to turn into lifestyle brands, and Vivo seems to be no exception to this. As a front runner in camera technology in smartphones, the company has expressed it’s desire to expand more.



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