Coronavirus : New Test Kit Will Give Result In 50 Minutes

    coronavirus testing
    coronavirus testing

    Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Laboratories are testing for the vaccine for this pandemic disease. Recently Researchers in the UK claimed that they had created a portable smartphone-based coronavirus kit. It can provide the result of the test within 50 min after taking the sample from the throat.
    Currently, 24-48 hours is the expected time to fina the result of coronavirus. The University of East Anglia will roll out this test to NHS (National Health Service) as soon as possible.

    “The idea behind this is that we need to test NHS staff more quickly, so they can stay at work if they are well, or go home if they’re a risk to potentially very vulnerable patients,” said lead researcher Justin O’Grady, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School, which began work on the kit earlier this month.

    How will this kit help a medical emergency?

    • It can test 16 samples at the same time.
    • If using a lab machine, then it can process 384 samples.
    • It will help the medical staff in self-isolation.
    • The coronavirus test kit will help medical people to test themselves while they are leaving from work. The virus can be detected as soon as possible.

    The test is simple to use so it could be carried out by a semi-skilled healthcare professional,” O’Grady said.

    “We hope it could provide additional capacity within the NHS because only those who are ill with COVID-19 would need to self-isolate. And it will help doctors get back to work as quickly as possible once they test negative,” he added.



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