In covid time Dream 11 can be a savior: Know how to choose winning team


The initiation of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 worked like a charm for many in different ways. A player was able to earn moolah and display his skills to knock on the doors of selections in National Teams. Other than this, it also helped people with the knowledge of the game to take part in Fantasy Leagues online and earn cool cash.

Dream11 was the first such platform in India that enabled a user to make his own virtual Team from players who were to take part in a live match. It also helped a user in guessing for a game with Dream11 prediction and Today Match Prediction.

Many users started employing their knowledge of Cricket to make winning combinations. In turn, it helped them take home handsome and legal cash.

If you are also passionate about Cricket and want to make winning Teams on Dream11, then this post is for you.

Ensure to play only selected games

One mistake that many Dream11 users make is playing as many matches as possible. They do that to increase their chances of earning more money. Many of them indulge in dream11 astrology prediction even when they know nothing about Cricket. Hence, they had to part with their money. If you don’t want to do that, then you should play only selected games. Yes, the fixture that you can make almost correct Today Match Prediction for is what you should go for.

Research, and always Research

Research is what most of the Dream11 users don’t give attention. It may be the most underrated thing in Fantasy Cricket. But doing it is surely not a waste of time. If you do the correct research, then you can make the correct Dream11 prediction gradually. Also, with precise Today Match Prediction ability, you can make a winning side. You should ensure to include a few points in your research like:

  • Statistics on players’ current performances
  • Team combination
  • What is the forte of a Team – bowling or batting?
  • What has been the performance of a player in a ground/venue?

Counting on these aspects will give you an upper hand before the start of a Dream11 game.

Go ahead and create your Dream11 Team

You should start building your Dream11 side after your research is complete. You should always make more combinations to improve your winning prospects. Picking all-rounders will help you earn points for their batting and bowling. They are also good materials for Captaincy. You can count on online information on whom to select as your all-rounders. Many Dream11 predictions are available beforehand. Also, going for bowlers who can be great during death overs and PowerPlay is a smart decision. It is because the Dream11’s New Point System is active and 1-2 wickets can give you the edge over others. In a T20 match, you must include a top-order batsman like Rohit Sharma. He can score more points as he will play more balls. What’s more, the role of 6th sense and gut feelings is also evident. It can’t be ruled out while making Today Match Prediction or creating a Fantasy Team.

Avoid investing all money in a single game

After Fantasy players win a match or two, they become overconfident and put all their money in a single game. But what they forget is that in case of not being able to make correct Dream11predictions, they can also lose money. Hence, it is recommended to invest money in equal proportions in multiple games. If you have Rs.50,000, then you can divide it into 10/20 portions and put in Rs.5,000/2,500 in each. This way, you will make yourself available to win over a longer period.

Go ahead and take risks

Not taking risks while playing on Dream11 won’t make you successful. It will be advised not to select tried and tested combinations as showcased in a Today Match Predictions. Picking 1-2 players who could be X-Factors in a game is also a welcome step to win. You can also check out the selection percentage of players as showcased on Dream11. But no player may perform the similar way, and that’s where again putting in research comes into the frame.  

Selecting of your Captain and Vice-Captain matters

Captains and Vice-Captains give 2x and 1.5x more points than other players in a Dream11 Team. You must make a player the Captain who you know will perform well. And your decision should also be backed by Dream11predictions and research. Dream11 may help you do that it displays which players are suitable for such roles.

Toss is crucial

Toss is a vital factor while building your Team on Dream11. The Toss informs which player will bat and bowl first. If it’s a game between South Africa and Afghanistan and if the latter is bowling, then you should have more bowlers. Why? Afghan bowlers may take more Proteas wickets.

How is the wicket behaving?

It is vital to know if the pitch is a batting or a bowling compatible one. And your Dream11 predictions should be based on the insights on the pitch conditions. To do that, you can also research how the wicket has behaved during the last 2-5 games. This way, you can indulge in the correct Today Match Prediction.

Bonus Dream11 tips and tricks

  • It is smart to join a small league and compete with your best Team.
  • It is suggested to join a small league with 1 Team. Creating more than 1 side and joining many small leagues will diminish your winning prospects.  
  • Joining a small contest with a Team that is more than 1 will mean that only 1 of the sides can win. In this case, your entry fee for other combinations will go waste.
  • The best Dream11 Team could be created after checking out ground’s average 1st innings and 2nd innings totals, wicket, Toss details and Playing XI.
  • It is also suggested to know about the current form of the players before including them in the side. To do that, you should check out Dream11 predictions for a match beforehand.
  • The ideal Team combination is selecting 5 players from a weak and 6 from a strong side. Yes, that’s what most Fantasy users do while playing on Dream11.  


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