How Companies In India welcoming New Era Of Work From Home ?

work from home in india
work from home work culture

The whole world is facing a critical situation and due to this many companies had faced many difficulties in generating revenue. The employees are also getting frustrated because they cannot go to their work and for that reason, many employees are losing their job. So, to continue with their old job or a new one the latest style of working is Work from the Home method. It also proved advantageous for the employers because work from home increases productivity decreases the turnover rate, and also minimizes the firm’s cost. In this work from home, method employees enjoy the flexibility in working atmosphere and also no journey which means full of energy.


The most important concern about today’s content is that we are trying to create awareness about this pandemic situation and how work from home is the best and the safest method that most of the companies have implemented for the sake of goodness for its employees. Let’s cover some basic and important points.


The pandemic situation has worsened the global health crisis of all times and the toughest challenge which humans are facing after World War II. It was a very difficult time for the people of the world and the governments because we have slow down the spread of the virus and had to break the chain. So, for this reason, many governments have quickly decided and implemented a nationwide lockdown to tackle down the spread of the virus. As an impact of corona and lockdown situation many people have lost their jobs and are now in a state a frustration which leads to attempting suicide and many innocent people have lost their lives due to this virus. But the governments are focus on all the sectors to keep it stable like the health, the job, flooding, etc. so that no one lost their lives in hunger, frustration and without proper treatment.


After spending a lot of time in this lockdown and virus situation the companies have now decided to start their operations not by traveling to the office but just relaxing at your home and doing the assigned work. Reports also said that Indian companies work from home has become the most effective way of working because employees can take breaks throughout the day while working. This particular technique is also known as the Pomodoro Technique because it creates a moment for the employees to get relaxed and refreshed and be ready so that they can completely focus on their work.

But researchers also advised that work from home can be more stressful because our mind also needs to gets refreshed which can be only done while you are traveling from one place to another. But it also resulted in more working hours which help the company to flourish their business. And for this reason, companies are DECREASING THEIR OFFICE SPACE AND STARTED PROVIDING MORE OPTIONS FOR WORK FROM HOME BASIS.


So if you have a company or you want to establish a company you would like to look for a suitable place and then discuss the rent with the owner and then you would like to bargain so that the owner provides you a discount on your rental. Here are some basic tips to follow:

  • First, you have to Understand your Landlord’s Position. If you understand your landlord’s point of view and then you start the negotiation about your rental discount it will prove to be a successful deal for you. You have to understand your landlord by placing yourself in his place so that you can make a good strategy before starting to negotiate.
  • Always try to Provide a Solution: Always when you are going to face your landlord for not late payments of rates try to offer a solution for yourself so that your landlord can’t impose anything on you. So, make sure while you are preparing a solution for your landlord to try to consider the following steps:-
  • Always keep in mind the long term goals you want to achieve.
  • Always try to provide a solution in which the risks and rewards are both equally shared.
  • Try to implement your entrepreneurial and business skills in the solution making process.
  • Always be loud and clear in front of your landlord so that he/she understands what the game you are trying to play.
  • Keep trying to convince your landlord so that you can get a power-packed rental discount which can be a good startup for your company.


Many big and renowned brands have started to support and promote work from home methods in this pandemic situation because they can inculcate the best from an employee while they are sitting at home. These big brands also focused on work from home because they found very use advantages and some are listed below:

  • Employees waste less amount of time while traveling to the office.
  • More productivity was ensured by the employees.
  • It is an easier and happier way of working for a company and also to enjoy and love their work.
  • The company’s money also doesn’t get wasted on rents of office spaces, office equipment supplies and snacks for the employees.

For this very reason, many big brands have come forward and started supporting and also promoted the work from the home culture in this Covid-19 situation.

Indian work culture and new adapting way of work from home

Work from home culture in India is really a created way to engage but as a developing country like India, many people don’t have the capacity as well as the capacity to use this online process of working. Basically the IT sector industries have good and proper knowledge about how to work by sitting at home but the small scale industries cannot cope up with the prevailing situation still now. So, in India, many sectors have adopted and trained their employees on how to work by sitting at home but a large percentage of employees are still struggling to safeguard their job and maintain their family. Because the Indian economy is dependent on the agricultural sector and work from work is not possible in this very sector. So, it is trying to figure it out and implement something helpful for the citizens.


In this emergency situation what work we are getting maybe it is home-based or office-based it’s not the right time to think about the benefits. The global workforce had supported remote work culture because there are no other options. But in countries like India, this culture of work from home will take a little bit to settle because using sophisticated technologies Indians are not so familiar. So, at this point in time, we cannot tell how much work from a culture has benefitted the Indian economy but in the near future, the result will be loud and clear for everybody.

How Work From Home is beneficial for startups?

Many new freelancer brands and Companies appreciating work from home have come up with new startups by following the trend of work from culture and also they are providing some of the important materials so that anybody can easily start working by sitting at home. Every company is trying to make use of this work from culture by providing sufficient knowledge and training to their employees because in near future maybe we have to make it a habit and also have to flourish our career.

So, this is the scenario of our ongoing industrial and professional world and we have to keep patience and follow the trends of working and combating the virus. 



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