Walking in elegance-Top 5 Indian footwear brands

Top 5 Indian Footwear Brands
Top 5 Indian Footwear Brands

During a survey, an Indian target group were inquired about their favorite footwear brand in India. To which the answer was somewhat unanimous- BATA. Now what if I told you that Bata is not an Indian brand. Shocked? Well it is true. Bata was originated in Czech Republic which was Austria-Hungary before World War 1, founded by Antonín Baťa, Tomáš Baťa and Anna Baťová with its current headquarters in Switzerland. Indian Footwear Brands are known globally for their flexibility and amazing work. Now you must be wondering how less you know about Indian footwear market. That is why in this blog we have brought you a list of the best footwear brands in India. Let’s begin

The Boom of Indian footwear brands

Numerous footwear brands that cater to the fashion sensitivities of men and women alike all over India, a country known for its diversified fashion landscape and rich cultural tapestry. India is also home to a large number of footwear brands. These firms provide customers with a diverse selection of options suitable for any event, ranging from traditional handicrafts to contemporary designs. In this article, we will examine the top 5 Indian footwear brands that have won the hearts of Indian audience with their remarkable designs, superior craftsmanship and a great combination of traditional and modern style. These businesses have succeeded in winning the hearts of the people because they offer a perfect blend of tradition and current style.

1. Red Tape

Indian Footwear Brand
Red Tape Indian Footwear Brand

Ever heard of Mirza International? Majority of you wouldn’t have, but you must have owned or heard about the brand Red Tape. It did ring a bell right. A Indian Footwear brand which has earned a name for itself internationally. With its headquarters at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, this giant is well-known for its high-quality casual leather shoes, formal shoes and trainers for men. Red Tape boasts its in-house design teams in the United Kingdom and Italy. Marketing itself as a luxury footwear the company takes great pride in making sure its goods are of the greatest possible quality and in using only the finest materials available worldwide. Novel concept of offline and online store with the tagline “See it, Feel it, try it and then buy it” was sensational. Red Tape has a massive distribution network that allows its products to be distributed all over the world.

Founder Rashid Ahmed Mirza
Red Tape Net Worth  301 Cr
Starting Year 1996
Product ServicesFootwear

2. Paragon Footwear

Indian Footwear Brands

The champion of common people with its tagline “pairo ke liye” was very famous. The Indian footwear brand started producing 1500 pairs a day back in 1975 which have tremendously increased to a mind boggling 4,00,000 pairs. With its headquarters at Kottayam the company boasts an annual sales of over 140 million pairs every year. The poor man’s champion with an average selling price of Rs 300/-($4 approximately), it is features economic footwear with great product life.

Paragon Net Worth$856.82 million
Starting Year  1939
Product ServicesFootwear, Specially Chappal

3. Relaxo

Indian Footwear Brand

The Delhi-based company began with a single product—the ubiquitous hawai chappal—and has since expanded to produce 400 styles of footwear across four brands, from hawai chappals to sneakers. Relaxo has expanded rapidly over the past four decades to become India’s largest footwear producer, with 135 million pairs sold in the most recent fiscal year alone. Relaxo is an Indian brand that takes pride in quality control, the shout out of “Quality Par Excellence” have stuck to it for decades. You may get an idea of just how successful they were by comparing their numbers in 2017 to those of their closest competitor in the Indian market, Bata, which only sold 21 million pairs. 

Founder Mukand Lal Dua, Ramesh Kumar Dua
Relaxo Net WorthRs 20,288 crore
Starting Year  1974
Product ServicesFootwear

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4. Liberty shoes

Indian Footwear Brands

It was the outcome of swadeshi enthusiasm like many other Indian business ventures. Many new businesses built on shared resources emerged after independence. In 1954, three men, showed interest in saving the failing business and assumed control. Formerly known as Pal Boot House, the company reportedly produced its first four pairs of shoes per day. Liberty Shoes label’s reputation rests on the quality, comfort and good looks of its footwear for men, women and children of all ages. The vast inventory at Liberty Shoes includes dress shoes, work shoes, athletic shoes, sandals and even slippers. It also extended its operations and have become a go to choice for safety boots. The company is dedicated to producing long-lasting, high-quality footwear, therefore it uses cutting-edge techniques and materials. Liberty Shoes, one of India’s greatest shoe brands, is sold in more than 400 locations across the country and is also exported to a number of other nations like France, Italy, and Germany.

Founder Mukand Lal Dua, Ramesh Kumar Dua
Liberty Net WorthRs 20,288 crore
Starting Year  1974
Product ServicesFootwear

5. Mochi shoes

Indian Footwear Brands

Mochi shoes might be a wild card entry here, but its numbers are legendary. Since this Indian footwear brand’s inception at Bengaluru, India, Mochi is a front-runner in the national fashion arena spread across 190 locations in 95+ cities. The word “MOCHI” meaning a cobbler isn’t very posh but it reminds its user of it origin. But do not go with the humble brand name, because it delivers luxury footwear capable of competing with the best worldwide. Mochi was India’s favorite during 2020 festive campaign “Awesome never stops”.Mochi serves the fashion-forward, urban Indian youth by meeting their varied and ever-evolving apparel needs. The first Mochi store launched in 2000 on Commercial Street, Bangalore and has grown into a brand that is synonymous with contemporary designs, inventiveness and spunk for young Indians. The patterns and colors used to make Mochi are inherently joyful. It’s a tribute to the modern young and all that makes them special. If you always want to look your best, Mochi is for you. It’s more than just a shoe company; it’s a trendsetting icon in its own right.

Founder Rafique Malik
Mochi Net Worth$2.3 billion
Starting Year  2000
Product ServicesFootwear

Indian Footwear Market And Brand Dynamics

The Indian footwear market is a dynamic environment where tradition and modernity coexist and these top 5 Indian footwear brands are representative of the myriad of exciting options that are open to everyone. These businesses provide a wealth of selections that are designed to complement each and every style preference whether you prioritize comfort, elegance or the most recent fashion trends. Step into the world of these Indian footwear manufacturers and let your shoes to be more than just a need; let them be a statement of who you are and how you want to express yourself.

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