Boys locker room Truth: It was planned by the girl says Delhi Police Report

boys locker room truth
boys locker room truth

The recent controversy on the Bois locker room had erupted just after the conversation in a group of adolescence from the Delhi. There were some teens from Delhi who broke out. Some people were noticed to be engaged in very inappropriate discussions about females. 

Then the police registered a case for this issue and had initiated an investigation on this topic. Anyesh Roy who is the deputy commissioner of police (cyber cell), in a press conference told that their investigation had revealed that there was a conversation between a girl, who was the sender, and a boy, that was the receiver. This girl had been sending the guy messages from a fake account that she named Siddharth.

Furthermore, it was said that she was using a fake identity of a male, as seen in the chat so that she could plan for her sexual assaulting.  As seen in a report it suggests that the girl was using this fake identity to check for the reaction of the person who was receiving those messages and also to check his character strength, at the time when someone talks bad for her.

Boys Locker Room Case

The boy who was receiving these messages refused to be a part of the chat and screenshot these messages and informed his friends about it and also informed the girl who had been sending those texts to him through a fake Snapchat account.

The police are still investigating in this matter and the forensic analyses of those devices are also going on. Till now there are at least 24 students who are related to this case and they have been interviewed and the group’s admin has been arrested.

The controversy of the bois locker room

Recently, one must have noticed about the bois locker room that had awash the social media. It includes an Instagram group of boys that had kept their group name bois locker room. Their chats include girls being gang-raped. 

There were some pictures leaked out of the group that had stormed up the normalization of the rape culture in the country. This Instagram group had some boys that were involved in graphic sexualizing girls and they were also sharing private pictures of some underage girls.

The girl’s locker room

Just after two days of the Bois locker room chat on Instagram had stormed the twitter there came up another controversy that was much similar to that. There was also a girls’ locker room whose voyeuristic chats screenshots had been rounding the net.

This girls’ locker room was run by a female and this group was only for women that had been allegedly used to objectify the men and also to make remarks against them. There were several sexualizing and objectifying screenshots against men.

These were also leaked on twitter and showed that not just the boys but also girls are the ones who actively partake in perpetuating body shaming and also they make sexually explicit remarks.



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