Bullying no more! 9 year old girl Majaw created Anti-Bullying App

Majaw 9 year girl
9 yr girl created app for bullying

“I experienced bullying in school since nursery. It affected me. I hated it so much that I was always on the lookout for a solution. No other child should have to go through the same,” Majaw tells PTI

Majaw tell PTI whilst recounting why she, as a just nine year old, created an Anti-Bullying app. Meaidaibahun Majaw, a Class 4 student, a resident of the state of Shillong, decided to take matters in her own hands and came up with this innovative solution when she herself was facing bullying at her own school. The app helps the students report the incidents of bullying to the concerning authorities, which definitely will help deal with this malicious problem.

The app, which will soon be available on Google Play Store, will allow the victims to report their bullies to teachers, guardians, and friends, anonymously. “Users can provide details of the incidents, including the name of the bully, and send the messages to individuals concerned. This allows the authorities to take necessary actions,” Majaw explained. Enrolling in an app-development course in the last September helped her develop this innovative idea, her mother tells.

Majaw’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Impressed by her efforts, the state education minister Lakmen Rymbui, praises her and told that that the girl would grow up to be a responsible citizen. “I wish Meai the best in her endeavour to fight social ills. She will be a responsible citizen. I congratulate her parents, too, for guiding her,” Rymbui added.

Majaw has further plans in developing more applications and is now hopeful that she would be among the young coding experts from India to have earned a scholarship for travelling to Silicon Valley to meet investors. The technocrat also told that she has built another app, which would help customers at her family’s resort at Tyrna to place food orders without human intervention and she is hopeful that experts will take note of her work.



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