The skyrocketing number of divorces in China is a warning for the rest

    Divorce Case during lockdown
    number of divorces in China is a warning for the rest

    Origin of Coronavirus

    Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China during December 2019. After the coronavirus outbreak, the disease spread throughout the world like a wildfire. This virus has claimed already many lives of Earth. Italy, the center of the 16th century Renaissance, has been affected the most. Approximately 14,681 has died in Italy due to the influence of Covid-19. 

    In order to prevent the widespread of this virus, the entire world has opted the method of complete shutdown. Every civilian is supposed to stay at home and refrain from social gatherings. The World Health Organization has suggested that by all means, everyone should avoid crowds for more than seven people, which includes any body contact.  

    Government Measures

    Educational institutions, entertainment centers are closed. The government have only allowed their citizens to go out to purchase food, medicines and other such essentials. Hence, office goers are supposed to work from home. These measures are applied to every country of the world, be it India or be it America.   

    The preventive measure of stay at home has few banes in it. According to recent studies, it can be easily said that the world may face a severe economic crisis due to the influence of Covid-19. Other than that, due to quarantine crisis can also be seen in domicile. 

    The skyrocketing number of divorces in China

    The recent studies suggest that the lockdown has spiked different issues in every individuals’ house. Not only the number of cases of domestic violence are increasing, but the statistics of divorce has also escalated. 

    It can be said that after the government of China initiated a complete shutdown, the country is experiencing an approximate 25% increased rate of divorce. There have been many reports of couple fight between the Chinese people. This can be considered as a forewarning for every pair in the world. Like Chinese couples, countries like India, America are also in lockdown due to Covid-19. Which, in turn, can gradually escalate the number of splits in such nations. 

    Despite the frequent couple fight, citizens are asked to stay at home and live amicably. A recent case of a Chinese housewife states that the couple has decided to file for separation after the period of confinement. 

     Conclusion Of Raising Divorce Cases

    The coronavirus outbreak has already weakened the economic aspect of the world, and continuing domestic issues would not assist one to overcome the influence of this virus. Considering the skyrocketing number of divorces, every individual should stray at houses amicably and continue to work from home. 



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