Going green? Here’s our pick of top vegan restaurants in Dubai!

Dubai Dinning

From Sanjeev Nanda’s Miss Tess to Healthy Little Secrets, restaurants in Dubai are hopping on the vegan bandwagon

With people choosing to show animals some kindness and veganism gaining popularity, the bustling city of Dubai is gradually going vegan too. Prominent restaurants and cafes in the city have added vegan menus to their existing offerings, while some new vegan eateries have also opened up. If you are planning on going green and looking for a place that serves vegan food, we bring you a curated list of vegan restaurants in Dubai you can dine at. Scroll on!

Miss Tess by Sanjeev Nanda

Situated inside the majestic Taj Dubai, Miss Tess is a theme restaurant that serves the choicest of Asian delicacies. When it comes to vegan food, the restaurant by prominent restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda offers a veritable bounty of vegan food with its special menu that features over 30 dishes. The vegan offerings by Miss Tess include authentic Asian recipes like fresh soups, salads and maki rolls, along with tofu teriyaki and a range of vegan desserts.


Situated at Barsha Heights, Brambles offers creative vegan and vegetarian dishes in a cute setting. The cafe’s offerings include multi-culti mashups like avocado pizza with coriander and chilli, shakshuka breakfast tacos, vegetarian lasagne with quinoa and lentils, and much more. A must visit place for those looking for some lip-smacking vegan food.

Project Chaiwala

Project Chaiwala runs on a unique theme – the all flavorsome Chai! The place is nothing short of a paradise for tea lovers. However, what adds to the glory of this now renowned tea cafe is its delicious teas in a range of vegan options. Vegan visitors can order from several unique tea recipes, which include masala chai prepared with oat milk and zafrani chai prepared with almond milk.

So, what are you waiting for? Revel in some mouth watering vegan food that tantalizes your taste buds while you are in Dubai. If you know of some other place that should be on this list, ket us know in the comments section!



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