relocation tips for students

Moving to Delhi NCR for higher education is a wonderful decision. Delhi is known as the hub of higher education, as it’s home to many reputed universities like IIT, AIIMS, ICAI, JNU, DU, and so on. Delhi hosts plenty of other opportunities for the all-round development of every student. ‘This city never sleeps’, you can easily find eateries anytime, and it has a good transportation facility. The cost of living in Delhi NCR depends on the type of accommodation you need and your lifestyle preference.

When you plan to shift to Delhi, it is best to hire a reliable moving company in Noida (or any other area) to do the job for you to have a smooth relocation. Here are few packing-moving tips for students to move in or around Delhi easily:

Before Shifting

  • Good Location: When you are planning to live off-campus, you will have to find suitable housing arrangements. You might have early or late classes, so it is advisable to find a home in localities near your campus or easy to commute. You should also check if the area you have selected is safe to live in, whether it has sufficient street-lighting and other such facilities.
  • Find a Roommate: It’s a good idea to have roommates; you get companions, study partner, as well as you can share your monthly household expenses. College life is fantastic because that’s where the best memories take place.You can make it more exciting and memorable with your roommates.
  • Declutter Things: Carry only limited things with you, don’t carry unnecessary things like things that you can buy around your campus, off seasonal clothing, etc. This will reduce your relocation stress as well as your moving cost.
  • Move by Yourself or Hire Help: If your budget is low then you can do all the packing, loading, unloading tasks by yourself, you will just have to hire a suitable truck to transport your good. If you don’t want that much hassle, you can simply hire a full-service relocation company in Ghaziabad to help you relocate easily.

Note: There are many fake packers in Delhi. Hire a pre-verified mover through a trusted reference portal like ‘AssureShift‘.

On the Moving Day

  • Start Early: The day has finally come, dress comfortably and start your day early. This will give you enough time to pack and move your thing, finish off shifting tasks early, and relax in your new home. It’s better to move in on time and take advantage of it like explore the campus, get your books, decorate your room, help others move in, etc.
  • Prepare Checklist: Make inventory/list of your goods, it will be easy to keep track of your goods and avoid them getting misplaced. Prepare a to-do list for your important moving task, this will help you have organized and hassle-free shifting.
  • Pack Essentials: Moving process can become a problem when you have to access your stuff during the move. Pack all your essentials like medicines, personal care, toiletries, clothes, etc., in an over-night bag. If you couldn’t completely set up your home, you can still have a comfortable stay.
  • Precisely Pack and Lable: Pack all your items carefully in packing boxes and don’t forget to label everything. Packing your things in carton boxes makes it easy to lift and move it. Labeling makes the unpacking process much easier and quicker than expected.

After Relocation

  • Quickly Unpack and Set up: Take time and unpack one box at a time and arrange your things in your room. The quicker you unpack and set up your home, the sooner you will be released from the relocation process and feel comfortable at your new place.
  • Make Your Room a Home: If it’s the first time, you’re staying away from your family, you might feel uncomfortable and lonely. Make new friends, invite them home, have fun together and create your new memories. Because when you stay away from home, your friends/roommates are your new family.


Now as you are staying away from family, no more home food, no more pampering, etc., on your own. But ya it’s better than the strict hostel rules and chaos, you get your freedom and privacy, so enjoy with your roommates at your new home and create memories. We hope that the relocation tips we have discussed above were useful and helped you have a smooth relocation.



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