Is Tokyo Olympics 2020, about top get cancelled in Japan due to COVID-19

Olympics 2020

Most of the countries have closed places which provides mass gathering like tourist spots, gyms, entertainment centers and malls. This is the reason why the international Olympic committee also known as (IOC) has called for an internal meeting to discuss the deadly coronavirus.

Will all the preparation go to waste?

Realize that this year’s Olympics only had five months ago. Without so many people getting infected of the virus, there are plans whether the games should be cancelled. Going by the recent reports, the virus is regarded as a pandemic since it already killed 6, 000 people and has inflected more than 160, 000

Will Japan back off?

Some sources say, Japan doesn’t plan to postpone the Olympics and will go as planned. An internal person, who comes from the prime minister’s office said that the games would be held as scheduled. During a recent press release, when the public relations manager of the Japanese government was asked to comment on the issue by media reporters. The individual chooses to ignore the question.

Is IOC providing regular updates?

If rumors are to be believed, then stakeholders are having a very transparent communication with the members of the IOC. The local Japanese newspaper reported that the sports director known as kit McConnel is having constant regular meetings with the international sporting federation

Changes applied

The sports authority in charge of the Olympics has made some changes during the game. For example, changes are being made in the qualification systems. Changes are being in the placement of the audience in the stadium and changes are being made for the safety of the audience

Lest just pray that we get to see this spectacular sport as planned. Hopefully, the Japanese government would not postpone the Olympics, and we will able to get the beautiful game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hopes high.  



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