The Startup application “FYOOL” wishes to reduce the pinch of your Booze & Fuel Prices

FYOOL, the new cashback app saves money on fuel and liquor

FYOOL, the new cashback app saves money on fuel and liquor

Leading the way in the country and brainchild of the young entrepreneur Mr. Raunak Sharma who belongs to a non IT background has developed an application called “FYOOL”. 35 years old Raunak Sharma with dreams of being a part of Startup revolution has come out with his new venture FYOOL-surely reduce the pinch of your monthly expenses of Fuel and Booze. It aims to offer best, convenient and money-saving, cash-back services. The app will covers petrol, diesel, CNG along with all type of wine and beer. 

The main objective of the app is to lower the burden of unnecessary hike that customers are facing in the current economic scenario. Lockdown period and unexpected event occurrence such as the COVID-19 pandemic fuelled Mr. Raunak Sharma to come up with this intelligent and smart solution. “Bridging the current gap, the FYOOL is created to help guard people from hike in fuel prices. It gives an access to people to save their hard earned money rather than spending on petrol, diesel, CNG that too in a scenario where the economy has severely slowed down.”

Heterogeneous mix of talent, innovation and hard work, Mr. Raunak Sharma is a new age entrepreneur. Despite hailing from a business background and having the comfort of joining is family business, Mr. Raunak thought of taking an audacious move with “FYOOL App” to addresses the current hike in prices of fuel. He believes in connecting with peoples need and market trend.

With smart cash back on their purchases the FYOOL remains unaffected with the hike in fuel prices. Cash-back is like online money and one can even transfer it to their friends, family member or any user of the app. Having tied with different brands, FYOOL is also selling products on the App. Buyer can buy these products with the available cash-back.

Confident of creating its own niche in the market the FYOOL targets each and every person who wants to save money. The app is simple, user friendly and works everywhere, with its services the user can save up to 50% of the amount which they are currently spending on petrol, diesel, CNG and Alcohol (any kind of wine and beer) which leaves many with no savings. With FYOOL Apps smart solution they can use the money for their family needs, outing with family, gifts for their kids etc.

In the next five years FYOOL is hoping to add more services for customers and further lower the costs on other products which is a pinching factor and help increase more savings for customers.

This app is completely ‘make in India’, thus promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme started by the Government of India. The app makes it convenient for the users to easily track their cashback purchases and consequently helps build trust among consumers. An integrated cashback experience makes earning while shopping a unique experience. The best thing is that FYOOL is highly functional and user-friendly. Users just need to click a picture with the app and update it after which the app automatically gives 50 % cashback in the form of fuel money that can be spent on anything like, household items, groceries, etc. One can even transfer it to their friends, family members or any user of the app.With a significant rise in Indian app downloads over the last few years, the company anticipates a large number of users to adopt the app.

Intention is extend the benefits of cashback to the common man. In the current scenario, the lower income group is feeling the pinch while buying daily household items. There are a plethora of apps in the market that provide cashback that can be redeemed at branded outlets and shopping malls. However, we have built this app to reach out to the common middle class man, the two-wheeler user who needs to buy fuel on a daily basis. We want the housewives also to benefit by using the cashback for grocery items.”

The FYOOL cashback app is one of its kind in the market and promises to be instrumental in creating an additional income for the lower-income groups and housewives.



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