TikTok, Zoom, House Party: Why are people getting suspicious about these apps?

Security concerns
Everyone is staying at home due to lockdown and there are some apps that have floated in the market. Zoom has proved itself to be an essential application for video conferencing. Several workplaces are able to function smothly while the period of...

Looking at the ins and outs of Tablighi Jamaat coronavirus controversy

Tablighi Jamaat
Tablighi Jamaat has become a terror name in india during the coronavirus outbreak.India is in grips of a sharp spike in coronavirus cases every other day, the current count of which has reached 16,000 when just a month back, it was in...

How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact On Indian People Working In Other Countries?

Indian people
Back in March 2020, when India announced to close all of its border for a month effectively, citizens rushed to get back to their home. While concerning the quarantines as well as the concern of flights being canceled, there was a rush among citizens residing outside...

Why Choosing Lothal for India’s First Maritime Museum sends out a strong message?

The government of India is planning to establish a National Maritime Heritage Museum at Lothal in Gujarat. It will act as an independent research centre for the archaeology of boat building, reconstruction of maritime history, etc.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch app reminds you to wash your damn hands, dummy

samsung galaxy app dummy
A couple of months before, an app's concept would have appeared insignificant. We are all adults We have been washing our hands on our lives. But things change. It is mid-April ,and we are reluctant to go outdoors and participate with people...

Getting Million Views But Not Earning Much From Tiktok Know Why?

tiktok money
Tiktok is a new platform to showcase your talent to the world. Not only it showcases an individual’s talent, but also it is observed that how many tiktok users make money from this platform.      How can one use TikTok for making fan...

10 Famous Celebrities Those Are Suffering From Coronavirus

celebrities and corona
Coronavirus in the Realm of Celebrities Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it has caused a disaster throughout the whole world. It has led to some serious and drastic economic crisis as it had taken  a toll across all the industries. The count...

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury: Exposes different aspects of Coronavirus

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
The origin of this now feared contagious disease is known to all. Though the genesis happened in China, today, this virus has spread across the globe. Due to the nature of Covid-19, the whole world started shutting down different sectors, be it an educational institution or a...

Impact Of Corona On these 5 Industries may slow down Indian Economy

impact of corona
China originated virus, has spread like wildfire across the globe. Today the overall number of deaths is 137078 and increasing. Due to this contagious disease's widespread, every individual is forced to stay at their houses until the situation is getting contained.  Considering...

Students who are in financial difficulty can apply for jobs in the US.

Currently, the whole world is getting crippled due to the influence of Covid-19. Not only this contagious diseases has already claimed over 127,590 lives, but it is also the sole reason behind lockdown through the world.  People are forced...