YouTube vs. Tiktok – Is it end of Tiktok in India?

    carry minati
    carry minati and youtube vs tiktok

    Since few days, the controversy of tiktok vs. YouTube has been going. At the moment the YouTube vs. Tiktok war seem like never-ending as the parties from both sides are opposing each other at loggerheads. This all started when Carry Minati started roasting the tiktoker who were making various non-sense and brain-less tiktoks but it was taken in wrong way by the viewers.

    Now, the roasting of Carry Minati on tiktok has been taken to the another level due to the misunderstanding of tiktoker and this misunderstanding raise the YouTube vs. Tiktok war. Let’s have the details information about these controversies.

    Who is carry minati?

    The real name of carry minati is Ajey Nagar and he is very famous YouTuber currently. He has been running his YouTube channel since 6 to 7 years. Firstly, he started his channel as a gamer and by then the channel name was addicted-1.

    When carry minati was in 12th he came to know that he was not made for the education. He decided to drop the year and started looking forward to his interest. Then he decided to make the YouTube channel.

    carry minati

    And currently, he is roasting the content of various people on their quality of content. The war of tiktok vs. YouTube started when he roasted the low quality content of tiktok. Ajey nagar didn’t meant to hurt the true hard working and meaningful content creator on the tiktok but some of them took it in wrong way.

    What’s the net worth of carry minati?

    Currently, carryminati channel has been most loved and famous among the top most YouTubers. In total, he has earned the heart of approximately 16.4 millions subscribes. The net worth of any YouTuber depends upon its number of subscribers, viewers, and likes.

    According to updates, in 2020 carry minati’s net worth is 27 crores and in dollars it is $ 3.8 million. His has two channels that are CarryisLive and CarryMinati. He mostly post his roasting videos on the CarryMinati and on the CarryisLive he came live while playing games.

    What the reason behind this war?

    Currently the war of words have been going on between carry minati and Amir Siddique. In one of the roasting video of carry minati, ‘ Roast king of India’ post the video titled with YouTube vs. Tiktok and used some of the harsh words while roasting Amir Siddique.

    In this video, he was giving response to the Amir Siddique’s video. Amir Siddique said in hid video that YouTubers are using the Tiktok content for making money. Amir Siddique was the one who compared the medium of YouTube and tiktoks. He highlighted that tiktok community is much higher then YouTube ones.

    And due to this, carry minati gave a response in the roasting way. This raise the battle between the YouTube and tiktok.

    About the Amir Siddique’s respond

    Amir Siddique post the video saying that he is not against all of the YouTuber but some who roasts people. But he is against the harsh words as well as cyberbullying content of the YouTubers. In the video, he was just explaining the story of his side.

    He said that roasting is like harassment to the people and so it should be called off. He also included that carry minati is spoiling the youths’ generation by his roasting videos. Siddique is very firm about his decision and also giving advice to others to follow him.

    Now, let’s see why the carry minati video deleted!

    What was the reason behind the deletion of carry minati’s video?

    Carry minati usually roast multiple people at a time in his video but it was the first time when he roasted the individual in the video. The fans of tiktokers took it as a cyberbullying and reported the video for the harassment.

    It depends upon the viewer that how they view the video rather in the fun way or in cyberbullying way. Amir took it in the cyberbullying way and this whole video was pointing him so, it is considered as the cyberbullying content. Hence, the video was reported by majority of the fans who support #AmirAgainstCyberBullying and carry minat video deleted from his channel.

    Now, let’s see who are supporting carry minati currently.

    About the supporters of the carry minati

    There’s a huge critical acclaim of the CarryMinati’s channel and they all are supporting him by using hashtags like #CarryMinati and #JusticeForCarry. The video has been pulled down via cyberbullying reports but many actors are supporting carry that includes Himansh kohli, and YouTuber like Bhuvan Bam and Ashish chanchlani. Meanwhile, carry’s fans are always supporting him in any circumstances.

    Himanshu Kohli twitted that the video has just meant to be the fun roast and there was no wrong content included. He said that carry is doing good with content and support him by saying that keep the contents coming on YouTube.

    Bhuvan bam also respond to the twit of carry that this video of him was the one that got the highest likes on YouTube ever and everyone would remember it. He send him love and support.

    Moreover, Zakir khan, beyounick, guru randhawa, and Mannara also twitted that carry is right at his place and he should get justice.

    Many of the YouTuber are supporting carry for his hard work as the video was just meant to be the fun roast nothing else. Recently, carry post the video on YouTube saying that stop assumption as many of the YouTuber were using his clips in wrong way. Even Various memes were going viral without any meaning. So, he said his videos were just for the fun entertainment and nothing harsh.

    About people’s reaction on the deletion of Carry minati’s video.

    Currently the Faisal Siddique is also one of the Tiktoker who is opposing the carry minati’s roast. He has made the team named team nawab to report the carry’ roast video. The fans of carry are extremely disappointed by the pull down of his video. And now they are against the team nawab for the justice of carry.

    All of the fans of carry are supporting him but some of the Tiktoker’s fans are still opposing the carry’s roasting video.

    Hence, the above was everything you need to know about the controversy on YouTube vs. Tiktok.



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