TikTok, Zoom, House Party: Why are people getting suspicious about these apps?

Security concerns

Everyone is staying at home due to lockdown and there are some apps that have floated in the market. Zoom has proved itself to be an essential application for video conferencing. Several workplaces are able to function smothly while the period of work from home is going on. TikTok and House Party are providing loads of entertainment to kids as well as adults with games and hours of content on display.

There are several experts who are raising concern as a matter of National security against these applications. There are several security flaws that have been raised as a matter of privacy concerns by the experts. People are saying that tiktok zoom threat to national security.

TikTok, Zoom, House Party security concerns
TikTok, Zoom, House Party Why are people getting suspicious about these apps

Let us have a look at all the flaws of these applications individually, and what should be done to avoid risking your privacy. It is essential for everyone to have a look at these threats as well as what should be done if you are an active user of these applications. Some of these threats are considered to be a threat to national level security as it could be a data breach at the national level.

TikTok Security Issues

tiktok security concerns

TikTok is a Chinese social media application that has gained 800 million users in the current year. That number took Instagram more than six years to reach, contrasted with three years a long time since Tiktok’s launch.

Experts have shown tiktok security concerns, and are even asking to get tiktok banned. Earlier, TikTok had begun under the name Musical.ly which allowed the users to create homemade karaoke videos. The application had approximately 60 million users. ByteDance is a Chinese company that had acquired it in 2017 in $1 billion and then merged it with TikTok.

US lawmakers believe are concerned about tiktok national security threat. As per the researches made by Cybersecurity experts,

There are alarming weaknesses in the TikTok system which can take control of the user accounts, delete their content, and even make their private content public. The application was also able to retrieve some of the personal data of users such as names and birth dates.

It reaches out to undermining the right to speak freely, should content be secretly directed. There is a threat to the freedom of speech, and it is also turning out to be a risky application for elections and the political messages that are making use of this platform.

The obvious issue at hand remains China’s national intelligence laws that can expect organizations to consent to information assortment for the specialists, trading off the privacy of its users.

Proprietors ByteDance has kept up that the Chinese government doesn’t interfere with TikTok’s content, with recordings of the Hong Kong fight kept on the web. They reacted with a huge number of straightforwardness measures in the US, including bits of knowledge into the application’s source code and subtleties on security.

Houseparty Security Issues

houseparty security issues
Houseparty security concerns

Houseparty is another video conferencing as well as social networking application that is being used by a lot of people during this lockdown period. It is similar to Zoom, but it also possesses some addictive games to play such as Heads-Up, Cards versus Humanity, and also their own version of Pictionary. It’s rose to unmistakable quality at the ideal time. There is a complain from users that the hackers are making use of Houseparty to gather information about their Netflix, Spotify, and PayPal accounts. It has been found that the application is providing a backdoor access to all your personal information due to loopholes present in the encryption of Houseparty.

There has been a tweet made by Houseparty in which they had mentioned that all the users data in protected, and also that they are not gathering any passwords from different destinations, with investigations going on in progress.

An oversight in game-production configuration has additionally prompted a marvel called Houseparty “bombing”. There is a chance for the players to get into games even with outsiders as long as their room is opened in the application. Yet, what began as a thought for an incredible association has prompted awfulness as individuals have hopped into games showing indecent substance and uncovering themselves.

Zoom Privacy and Security Issues

zoom security issues

Zoom has recently become a very famous name during this pandemic situation, and also a solution to our conferencing needs till the time we have to stay at home. The application has been in controversies due to its encryption, that is ensuring that even the providers are not able to access the personal data of the users. Zoom was showcased in that manner.

Several experts are considering zoom security concerns as a matter of threat to personal information.

Yet, reports rose guaranteeing shortcomings in Zoom’s encryption routine. The Intercept asserted that video conferences were not end-to-end encoded however utilized a comparative innovation web servers use to make sure about HTTPS sites, which can be accessed by the providers.

Citizen Lab had made an announcement that Zoom was making use of its own custom encryption programming, instead of what had been attempted and tested.

Zoom has expressed it doesn’t access or mine user information, this could accompany suggestions, for example, the chance of keeping an eye on private meetings or should specialists demand information for law authorization.

Should we delete these applications?

That is the issue. In any case, if you do, make certain to erase your entire account, not simply your application.

It’s an immense disgrace that these helpful applications are bringing cautions up in a period where many have become dependent on them. These cases fill in as another preventative suggestion to be careful about the terms and conditions in the applications we use today. Approach with alert.

Tiktok, Zoom, and House Party have turned out to be a threat to the nation. There have been several news announcements which are stating that these applications could be a threat to your personal data. It is advisable to avoid using these applications, and if you still have to use it, then it is better to deny all the permissions that have been granted to these applications on your devices. This can safeguard your device up to some extent.




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