Google Maps providing COVID-19 food locations in India

google map
google maps showing food shelter

On Monday, Google has declared that it will show the food as well as night shelters locations on Google Maps. This initiative has been taken to help out individuals of people in India due to this coronavirus pandemic outbreak. The coronavirus food list is made to provide essential services required in the prevailing lockdown.

Google has also mentioned that it had been working alongside the state as well as the authorities of the central government to put forward the regions of these relief camps.

The steps were taken by Google

Until today, this accessibility is provided across thirty cities throughout India. The places can found on Google Maps, Google Search and Google Assistant.

The users who want to find these locations have to type “food shelters” or “night shelters” in the search box.

Availability Of Food Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus food list service shall be available in the Hindi language as well. Google is also working to make this food shelter service in other languages spoken in India in the upcoming weeks. Not only that, but it is also putting all its effort to add more shelters in other cities across the whole country.

Anal Ghosh, the Senior Programme Manager of Google India, said that due to the situation of COVID-19, they are striving to put more focus on building solutions that will reach out to the people in this emergency scenario.

The facility of coronavirus food list taken by Google is a step which ensures that the information reaches the users quickly.


The case of COVID-19 pandemic created disastrous disruption in everyone’s lives, which affected the livelihood as well as necessity access to food or transportation. Along with volunteers and NGOs, Google is hoping to convey this important piece of news to the afflicted people. They are also finding ways to reach people who are poor and needy.



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