After Some Units Get Bricked OnePlus Pulls Latest OxygenOS Open Beta Updates for Four Phones

One plus 6T launch

The Beta updates of the OxygenOS of the famous OnePlus was halted for OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5. The reason behind this decision was the complained made by users claiming that the latest version is bricking up the services. After this, OnePlus have to halt the processing for OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 in order to avoid any major conflicts in the future. On Wednesday, they released the news that there have been complaining about OxygenOS version that is making the phones going bricked after the installation of the update. The update came into the market earlier this week. However, the company is also working to ensure that the phone of the affected users is back to normal.

On Wednesday, on their forum post, Manu J, OnePlus Global Operations Manager posted, “We have received reports of OTAfailure and Device not powering on after updating to the latest open beta builds on OnePlus 5 and 5T, based on these reports we had paused the OTA update,”

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However for the user who is facing the same issue due to the Open Beta build can manually work on the installation process. For this, they have to put their phone in recovery mode that can be attained by pressing the volume down key along with power key for approximately 5 -10 seconds.

Conversely, there might be people that are not able to put their phone under recovery can get in touch with the customer service. As per their executive,

“The customer service is aware of this issue, and they will help you flash the package remotely, or you could also visit your nearest ESC,”

As noted, there is no specific number of users that might be affected by it. Hence, it is possible that not many customers are affected due to the testing phase.



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