How Is India Tacking the Crisis of the COVID-19?-Strict Measures In Several Provinces

india fighting against coronavirus
india fighting against coronavirus

Currently, the lockdown is extended since the cases are rising leaps and buns on a daily basis. The “cluster containment strategy” adopted by India in the early detection of the virus based on various geographical locations, disintegrating the chain and prevents it from getting transmitted. With the strategic guidelines of the Health Ministry, India is taking active measures to fight out this situation. The situation covers various scenarios such as the local transmission of COVID, various travel-related cases, etc. 

World Health Organization or WHO appreciated the efforts on how India is fighting Coronavirus. The entire world is going through a tough phase and India stands out as the epitome of valiant efforts put forward by the health workers, doctors, police, administration. After the nation went into a complete lockdown, there is a less threat to community transmission and there is a reduction by almost 40% in the number of active Corona cases in India.

Coronavirus Outbreaks in Various Cities-Important Facts for You

The entire goodwill and good work goes to the state officials who are toiling from dawn to dusk to help common people to battle out this invincible virus. Five Indian states are playing a key role to rule out this virus and have come up with some strategic measures.


This state is the first Indian state that registered the first positive victim of COVID-19 and the number goes on increasing with the highest number on one stage. However, this curve is decreasing now. There are almost 179 cases out of 376 and three of them have died. So, the total number of active cases rises up 176 now as per the latest available data.

The most important thing about Kerala is that it has done extensive testing on a large scale that follows a contact-tracing process as well. After that, it goes ahead with the publication of the affected victim. This is done in order to find out the infected individual and put them in the isolation zone. 


The eastern zone of India is suffering from the peril of Coronavirus which signifies that preventive measures have taken well in advance. Places of shelters made by the Government during cyclones are now used for the migrant workers during this pandemic COVID-19 outbreak.

The government placed five cities on lockdown on 22nd March which prevents the spread. This helped them to strategize quarantine measures and as per the health ministry, there are almost 60 cases, out of which 18 are recovered. They prepared food and supplied them to the needy in this hour of crisis. 


The financial capital of India has topped the number of COVID-19 cases in India with the number rises to 1872. There has been a cluster containment plan in order to deal with the contagious people and with the help of data analytics, they have prepared drones as well as traditional methods to survey various districts. 

Two to Three drones are implemented per district to monitor the movement of the dwellers. A drone can give you the statistics of around one-kilometer radius. If the police identify anyone n that area, the strict measure is taken to take them out from the zone. Also, they have started mass patrolling and urging people to stay indoors. However, the present situation is beyond control since the virus has already attacked Dharavi.


The Bhilwara district of Rajasthan is the leading example among the countrymen of India as it stood as the role model to make the district corona-free. However, the population is quite less. The entire city went into a lockdown coupled with a curfew and the entire district has undergone a thorough health screening.

During this period of lockdown, no one is seen outside, and the essential commodities are supplied at the doorstep by the police under the guidance of DM. Moreover, the rich citizens of the city have agreed to pay for the essential items as well. Because of this realistic approach textile hub of India ave not reported any case of Coronavirus since 30th March and the number of cases is restricted to only 10.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is among the most populated cities in India where the number of cases is below 500. All the hotspot localities are sealed by the state. The city lacks a designated pathology center to test Sars COV-2 pathogen till 3rd March but now the number rose up to 10. A COVID Care Fund has been set up the state government to get financial aid from the public representatives and the general people. Money that is collected is used to spread the testing as much as possible with 2400 tests are going on a daily basis currently.

Actions Taken by Government on International Level Amidst this Pandemic

“India has become the epicenter and the future course of action is decided by the country’s activity to rule out the virus”-this was the opinion of WHO about Indian. Ther are certain steps taken by the Government to restrict the entry of the virus from foreign countries.

Action Taken By Indian Government To Fight Against Corona

  • All the domestic and international flights are canceled from March 24, midnight. 
  • Research is carried out by the Indian scientists in Canada to fight out this situation.
  • India supplied hydroxychloroquine to USA to combat the widespread Corona outbreak. This has been a major example of India helping countries.
  • Companies like HUL have reduced the rate to 15% on the Lifebuoy soaps as well as the sanitizers.
  • ITC has cut down the price from Rs 77 to 25 for one packet of Savlon.

Still, India suffers the Wrath of COVID Pandemic

Despite the tiring efforts made by the doctor to treat COVID-19 patients, there is a lack of personal protective equipment alongwith the test kits. Currently, there has been a deficiency in surgical masks as well as protective suits in various parts of India. This issue is on the rise in different government meetings as per the latest report. Recently, almost 1 lakh test kits came from China and this is distributed in different provinces. But since the number is rising, there is more requirement of test kits and PPEs



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