Know the truth behind PUBG ban in India


Players unknown battleground or famously known as PUBG has become one of the popular game around the world in short duration, and after the launch of its smartphone version, the craze for the game has increased to threefold times. With the availability of the user-friendly application and lite version, it has allowed easy running not only on personal computers but on mobile networks too. Due to slashed prices of internet and easy availability of 4g data games like PUBG has gained immense popularity among youth masses. The game has been awarded as the best 2018 game series by Google itself now the question arises that after being the best game in 2018 why it get banned in 2019. or is really PUBG banned in India, let’s find out the answers.

PUBG Ban In India

With the advancement of time, we are getting different PUBG ban news from various corners of the world that young children are getting addicted to this game and are landing themselves in various rehabilitation centers.

PUBG Ban in Indian Cities

After its ban in China and Nepal, PUBG is soon to get banned in India where states like Gujarat have already banned the games due to a high number of complaints against it.
Petition filled in the Mumbai high court for its ban has been backed up by various ministries and officials and national commission of protection of child rights being one of them. After a ninth-grade student has to be given a psychiatric treatment for his addiction a petition has been filled by the consumer right activist, Vijay Gopal this complaint was further forwarded to the ministry of child welfare and development asking for the PUBG ban in the month of January this year.

Survey Report Of PUBG addiction

According to a survey conducted, most of the players are addicted to the game with numbers as high as 62 percent. In the current status, the game is not banned in the entire country but PUBG ban list in India includes states like Hyderabad, Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra. In these areas, several arrests have been made where youth has been caught red-handed while playing the game.

As the game is now under constant scrutiny due to its addiction factor this highly popular smartphone game has hit the red mark of Mumbai high court which has asked the union government to look into the matter and take the necessary action that might include a further ban too. As the result of public interest litigation filed by an 11-year-old child in Mumbai states that the game is too aggressive for young kids and promotes cyberbullying, this lead to a condition where it could face further ban in other parts of the country too.

After all the many Indian schools and institutes in different states have also banned the game so far, recently colleges like Vellore Institute of technology in Tamil Nadu and Goa Institute of information technology has imposed the ban on the game with many more to follow. In response to the ban the internet freedom foundation has filed a case stating that the ban has violated the article 14,19 and 21 of the Indian constitution and is expecting to have the hearing in upcoming weeks, PUBG mobile also states that it demands an ongoing dialogue with the officials and the authority and try fighting the PUBG mobile addiction in India by introducing various measures.



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