Mass Tourism and its evolving world-How mass tourism affecting the world of tourism? Impacts of mass tourism

mass tourism in india

Mass tourism has managed to reach new heights with the evolving world. Thousands of people are taking an initiative in the tourism sector and having a break in this world. The holiday at a location with a great quantity is making it possible for people to deal in the tourism world. This is making people enjoy popular destination and local communities. It is dealing with three main aspects such as environmental, socio-cultural and economics.

Impacts of mass tourism

The mass tourism has a total of three essential impacts that are:

  • Environmental–

    This type of impact deals in the tourism and nature of it giving an opportunity to tourism to be close to nature. In this type of tourism sector, one can learn about the environment and its conversations on a new level.

  • Socio-cultural –

This type of tourism is mainly about the local handicrafts that work on the rituals and art of a region. However, people can actually offend the culture or tradition of a particular

  • region that makes people on the edge.
  • Economics–In this type of impact, one deals in the economics of the country. It can be in the reference of growth in the industry or the involvement in the world’s economy.

These are the major impact that mass tourism has on living conditions.

Mass Tourism Advantages and Disadvantages

Mass tourism is surrounded by advantages and disadvantages. In the advantages factor of mass tourism, one can have a number of changes making it labor heavy and giving job opportunities to people. Tourism is a part of the tertiary sector but it plays a vital role in secondary and primary option as well. The food industry, restaurants, hotels, etc. have a huge impact on the increase in the tourism sector. People spent money on not only the tourism industry but also in other sectors while traveling. This is boosting the economy on a new level.

The disadvantage of mass tourism has taken up the hype on the economy-boosting and proving jobs as well. The mass tourism in India is the biggest sector but money leakage is normal in society. In developing countries, one can take over the money to work in foreign countries. The sector is now taking on the foreign companies that are no benefit to the country.

These are the major part of mass tourism that is helping people of the world.



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