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The advancement of technology has provided us with powerful mobile phone spy apps that enable users to control a cell phone without physical access. However, it is challenging to pick up reliable spy software because of the wide-ranging options and availability of different spy app brands. To help users get the most efficient cell phone spy app, we have reviewed the top-notch TheOneSpy which offers most advanced features providing desired outcomes to the user. Read on to know about features and price detail of the software.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

If you want to track android mobile phones of your kids, TheOneSpy is a great option. It comes with hundreds of features enabling users to track and control mobile phone devices without taking into custody. The monitoring and tracking app is intended for families to keep their loved ones under surveillance. The user is only needed to install the spy app on the targeted cell phone. After installation, you do not need to access the device again to check it out.
Parents can keep track of cell phone activities of their teens by monitoring their mobile phones with TheOneSpy. Even if you are unaware of passcode of your kid’s smartphone, you can sneak into the device without letting your kid know. The spy app lets you access messages and media files stored on the targeted phone. You can also access sensitive information put on the monitored device with the help of TheOneSpy android spy app.

Most Advanced Features of TheOneSpy

The android spy app comes preloaded with hundreds of features enabling users to monitor and control the targeted smartphone without physical access. We have discussed here advanced features of the android tracking app.

Screen Recording

You can remotely monitor almost every cell phone activity of your kids by getting their mobile phone screens recorded. The high-tech screen recording feature lets you watch what your kids see, type or search on their phones in real or scheduled time.

Spy on Social Media Apps
The android spy app lets you track most commonly used social networking apps and instant messaging apps. You can track activities performed on Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, Tumblr and many widely used social messengers. The spy app lets you access social media chats, posts and media files of your children exchanged via above mentioned social and instant messengers.

Surround Monitoring
TheOneSpy is one of those few android spy apps that allow user to monitor surroundings. By using the front and back cameras and microphone of the targeted android phone, you can detect what is happening in the surrounding of your kid. It helps protect your children from the dangers in the real world.

Call Recording
The cell phone tracking app records phone calls received and transmitted via monitored phone to enable the end-user to access these calls via online portal of TheOneSpy. The app also accesses call logs and contact list.

The android tracking app lets you access passwords and confidential data entered on the targeted android phone by recording keystrokes.

Compatible Devices
The cell phone spy app is compatible with popular android smartphone brands which include Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Haier. It does not support TCL devices and Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi. The android smartphone must be running android OS 5 or above. Moreover, the targeted android device needs to be rooted if you want to get all advanced features of the spy app.

Subscription Cost
The price of the monitoring software depends on the subscription period and package plan. For example, if you want to subscribe basic version of the monitoring solution, you are required to pay around $30 a month. However, the one-month subscription of Premium version may cost around $45 a month.
What are Pluses?
• The android spy app is inexpensive as compared to the competitor spy apps like mSpy and Flexispy.
• It allows recording real-time cell phone activities.
• The most popular social media apps can be monitored with the spy app.
• The tracking app also allows monitoring events happening in the vicinity of the monitored android phone.
What are Minuses?
• You need to root the targeted android phone to avail all advanced features of the spy app.
• The app does not offer website blocking to manage the internet use of kids.



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