Has the world found a new way to treat COVID-19 with convalescent plasma therapy?

convalescent plasma therapy
convalescent plasma therapy for coronavirus

There has been some latest news on the coronavirus testing from the United States.  The health industry of the United States has said they are developing a method that could treat the sickest of coronavirus infected patients.

New Experiment method for coronavirus vaccine

The new treatment method would be called convalescent plasma therapy.  The FDA has approved the use of the of all the necessary drug that would be required for this treatment. Now clinical trials have been done.

What is the meaning of convalescent plasma therapy treatment?

In layman’s terms, antibodies will be taken from a person who has survived the coronavirus.  The antibodies taken from them would be infected in the bloodstream of the infected person. This will kickstart their immune system

Recent reports from the heathy industry of United States have said that from March 24, eleven inflected patients have been taken from observation. The results of these patients have not been disclosed yet.

Therapy conducted in on other parts of the word

This coronavirus testing has been conducted in other parts of the world, like in china.  When 10 Chinese patients were treated with convalescent plasma therapy, it was found that the results were somewhat positive.  Though the virus was eliminated from the patients’ body completely, the results showed improvement in the oxygen level and dropping in the virus load

A constant team of health professionals all around the world are working in this convalescent plasma therapy. They strongly believe that vaccination could be developed after understanding this therapy in more detail.

What do you mean by convalescent plasma?

The transfusion of antibodies from a recovered COVID-19 patient into the infected persons, or to the person who has high chances of getting this infection is known as convalescent plasma therapy. So, this is a simple explanation of convalescent plasma

Working process of treatment for coronavirus vaccine

Let’s say there is a person who is inflected with COVID-19. Now to fight the virus, the immune system of the body will produce antibodies from B lymphocytes.  These B lymphocytes are found in the plasma.  These B lymphocytes help the blood clot automatically when you injure yourself from a wound.

 Would convalescent plasma therapy make a difference in treating COVID-19 patients?

Yes, most of the scientists who are working on making vaccination against the virus, firmly believe that this could work. The plasma helps in creating antibodies of infected patients. Though the immune system is built and virus load is reduced, the presence of antibody stays for a shorter period of time in the infected person body.

How many patients can be treated with convalescent plasma therapy ?

By using convalescent plasma therapy, a person can produce two doses of antibodies. In addition, one does is needed for one infected person. So, going by that calculation one person could treat two infected patients

Who the person behind this clinical trial?

As of now, four medicals institution all around the country is part of this project.  The project demands the use antibodies from those people who have recovered from the virus. This therapy was organized by medical researchers all around the globe.  This can also bring intention collaboration

Going by the recent updates, a medical facility in New York has come together with FDA trails. In addition, Johns Hopkins, who belongs to Maryland is also conducting plasma trials with his team

Who can be a donor?

  • A person who has recently recovered from covid19 and has good health now.
  • No symptoms of the virus, prior to 14 days from donation.
  • Weighing at least 110 lbs. and must be at least 17 years old.

The first institute to conduct the testing in India

The health ministry of India has given Kerala, the right to move on with the clinical trials of convalescent plasma therapy. This shows that Kerala will the first state to carry out the test in the entire country.  This experiment would be headed by Dr Anoop Kumar.



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