SWEET SUCCESSES: 6 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Start-Up Cake Shop

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Sweets are sweeter when shared. Cakes are yummier with care! 

It’s truly fun to buy a lovely cake for somebody dear. On the other hand, if you’re the one who sells cake for people’s special days, it’s something heartwarming. 

You might be a culinary graduate who’s planning to start your career with a desserts shop or a gourmet chef who wants to venture to the art of baking. Possibly, your degree might be far from the kitchen sphere yet baking is in your heart. Whoever you are, actually, you can get flour on your hands and embark on a cake store business!

Taking the first few steps could be quite challenging because people have different taste preferences, and when it comes to making baked sweets, there are many weighty considerations. To help you with your start-up cake shop plans, check out these 5 tips to attract customers!


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As a start-up cake business, the first struggle would come from letting people know that you exist. Your inevitable customers are your families, relatives, neighbors and friends. Showing their support for your new cake store, many of them will surely not hesitate to try your goodies!

Definitely, this will make you realize that no man is an island. Social connections can do big things for businesses! Let your loved ones spread the word! Ask them to give feedback and reviews after tasting your cakes. An honest remark is what you need, so you know how they really think about your baked products. 

Another effective deed you can request from them after eating their cake order is to post it on their Instagram story or Messenger story and to tag you. In that way, people who follow them in their social media accounts will see your sugary grubs. Those interested or looking for a cake store are potential inquirers! 

With the help of your dear chums, your brand reach will be wider. People’s awareness towards your cake brand is the prime step for you to have patrons. 


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Nowadays, many cake business owners are embarking not just on a physical store but also an online page. True enough, if you can’t easily bring your would-be customers to your store, take your store to where they are. Social media is vast, and nearly everybody in the world is present in it!

Opening an online page is a wise way to step up your cake business! In a Facebook page, there is a button that you can click to invite your Facebook friends. You can manually select a few of them or send an invite to them all. With a single page link which can be copied and pasted, sharing about your business is made highly convenient.

What’s more, this lessens your print costs on posters, brochures and flyers. Everything you want to announce regarding your business systems or promotions, you can type and post them in a matter of taps and clicks. Prospective buyers can reach you better without having to leave their homes. You can connect with them for faster and smoother transactions!


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Using your online page and other social media sites, you cannot actually give your target audience a free taste of your delectable cakes! What you can send them is a glimpse to how pretty you bake and design them! 

Make sure you post eye catching images of your delicious cakes. Do that for every piece on your menu and for all the unique ones personally requested by clients.

Use good lighting and some artistic styles that liven up your cakes’ dazzling visuals! Hire a photographer friend, or simply use your smartphone to shoot them. Remember not to edit heavily, so you won’t hype or crumble expectations. Post cake photos that will stop your target customers from endless scrolling when they see them. 


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How your cake looks is a big factor for customer purchase. Learn how to design your cakes distinctly! Don’t be afraid to explore creative patterns and ideas. Present out-of-the-box cake designs that will absolutely wow the people seeing them! They will certainly take note of your cake shop’s name the next occasion they will need to buy a cake.


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Cakes are full of carbohydrate content. For the health nuts who are conscious about their diet, eating these scoffs is cheating. It’s a heartache for those who initially loved cakes before they worked their body out. 

Good thing you can include healthy options in your sweet selections! Bake healthier kuchens for them who want less sugar, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free ingredients and recipes!

Doing so broadens your store’s capacity to cater to people with various types of diet and health concerns. You can still make them smile with cakes that suit them!


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Talking about feeling special, people love it when the cakes they receive on their remarkable day is customized!

Having your standard ready-made cakes is admirable. It gives you a trademark, something clients will positively remember about you. If the people are pleased, your original cakes will take a spotlight indeed! But if you welcome requests for personalized cake creations, you can obtain a comparably greater number of customers! Why? 

Being a store that customizes cakes has no bounds aside from the baking skills and aspects you have yet to learn. The aim is to accept and do your best for the cakes the clients wish to have. Even when they seem to not find interest in your standard cakes, they have the choice to contact you for their own flavors and designs! Additionally, personalized cakes are famous gifts for surprises!

Obviously, this requires a lot of time, effort and money for the ingredients, but the best thing is that it also means more monetary profit and more learning opportunities for you as a baker!



With the right decisions that value client concerns and explore trends, you will be helped to magnetize more and more customers to your cake shop! Know that in such a business, your loved ones can aid you as well. Being innovative is significant!

Just keep baking! There could be some challenges along the way, but be inspired and determined to approach big and little sweet successes!



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