Rana Kapoor

Y-PEP (YES PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM), a brilliant initiative of Yes Bank under the visionary leader, Rana Kapoor to bring in the best talent and prepare them as Professional Entrepreneurs with the required skills and knowledge to be “future ready”

Having embarked on a Professional Entrepreneurship journey himself in 1998 with the launch of Rabo India Finance in partnership with Rabobank and thereafter founding Yes Bank in 2004, Rana Kapoor believed in encouraging and developing entrepreneurial talent for the growth of Yes Bank. One such initiative to develop entrepreneurial drive and skill development was the Y-PEP program.

Rana Kapoor, the Founder and Former Managing Director of Yes Bank, seeded Y-PEP (YES PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM), which is one of YES SCHOOL OF BANKING’s most innovative and institutionalized talent enrollment programs aiming to recruit top talent Management experts to attract young talent directly from India’s leading business schools. The program was launched in 2006 to enhance the capabilities of young managers by assigning challenging roles and responsibilities to participants to encourage them to achieve their highest potential and performance. Through structured introductory coaching, training programs, and leadership orientation from senior management, it instills the skills of prudent risk management and develops leadership skills. Among other human capital development programs, Y-PEP was a way to invest in the future of Yes Bank’s employees by building their skill sets, capacity and confidence to ensure their success thereby enabling the success and growth of the bank.

The Y-PEP initiative is designed to offer young professionals with a range of capabilities and experiences which are distinctive, indispensable, and exclusive to fulfill and assist the Bank’s future prospects and challenges. The notable feature of this program is that the Young Professionals are specially chosen for specific positions. Over one hundred Y-PEPs have already joined hailing from premier Indian B-schools namely IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Udaipur, XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), National Institute of Industrial Engineering, etc.

Ex- MD & CEO Yes Bank, Rana Kapoor launched Y-PEP since he believed in investing in talent and grooming the youth to be future professional entrepreneurs given his motto to make Yes Bank the “Professionals Bank of India.” Kapoor understood that the biggest investment of the bank needs to be in Human Capital, and the highly skilled, knowledgeable and driven employees became one of Yes Bank’s key differentiators.

Rana Kapoor’s Human Capital initiatives were true to the entrepreneurial ethos of the bank, keeping it agile, constantly innovating and “future ready.” Y-PEP has given people a sense of pride to be learning and working in an institution like Yes Bank and learning key strategic practices from its senior management. Undoubtedly, Kapoor has been a great institution builder providing employment to over 20,000 people and made Yes Bank the fastest-growing private bank in the first decade of its inception.

For his service and contribution which shaped the Yes Bank into one of the largest private financial institutions, he has received numerous accolades. In 2007, he won the ‘CEO with HR Orientation’ award at the Times Ascent HR Excellence Awards. Yes Bank has also been adjudged with the “Organization with Most Innovative HR Practices” award at the Global HR Excellence Awards, at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2007. In Kapoor’s words, “the award is a reflection of the pioneering efforts and innovative HR practices pursued to grow and strengthen Human Capital at Yes Bank”.

During Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards and the CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing that was held in Singapore in 2011, Yes Bank won seven awards for its exceptional record. These included “Continuous Innovation in HR Strategy at Work”, “Best HR Strategy in Line with Business” and “Excellence in HR through Technology”. Rana Kapoor expressed the accolades as “a true acknowledgment of the fine leadership of the Human Capital Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications and Responsible Banking teams at YES BANK towards achieving institutional excellence in the areas of Innovative and Business Aligned Human Capital Practices, Strategic Marketing, and Brand Management, as well as Sustainable Development.”

We can safely say that Yes bank under Rana Kapoor’s tenure had the best talent with an average age of less than 30. Armored with the requite knowledge and skills and a positive mindset, they were driven to achieve and align with the bank’s Founder’s vision of developing the “Best Quality Bank of the World in India”.



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