Brown is the colour: Meenu Agarwal on colour’s evergreen and luxurious essence

    meenu agarwal
    meenu agarwal mads creation

    Trends are dynamic. They change, not only with seasons but also with one’s likes and dislikes. However, this drift towards newness is often troublesome because modifying interior designs at the get-go is expensive and infeasible. Meenu Agarwal, the Founder, and Director of MADS Creations, a luxury interior design company, brings to light one such everlasting trend of brown colour and explains why it never gets out of fashion.

    Meenu Agarwal explains, “Fighting boredom is vital and MADS Creations ensures evergreen trends with every interior design. Also, the zenith of design at the time of its implementation and for years to come shall remain uncompromised.” She adds, “The colour brown falls in the same category, it has been in the pages of interior designs for ages. The shade is versatile, and the scope of mixing and matching it is very vast.”

    The vivid application of brown colour is also best suited because it draws similarity to the colour of earth or wood, by virtue of which it offers more natural essence. Also, since it is a neutral color, the whole fixation around an object of this colour makes an ultimate statement.

    Reflecting on her years-long expertise, Meenu Agarwal conveys that brown is also considered to be a color of maturity, elegance security, and even healing. This is because it has been shown to have an effect on an individual’s mood.

    The touch and feel of the brown colour are highly recommended. Also, for any home to fit in this colour, it is not necessary that it be painted brown. A range of materials like wood or furnishings or even the furniture can be of the colour. Nonetheless, if the walls are of brown colour, the elegance of space can be maintained by mixing it with white.

    “Luxuriousness reflects its true sense when right combinations are chosen. Also, what attracts the most is that whenever brown colour is accentuated, it instantaneously raises the bar of interior opulence,” emphasizes the principal Founder of MADS. She adds,

    “You could actually have white and cream, (a lighter shade of brown) as curtains. While the white will allow more natural light to stream in, the color brown will preserve the elegance of the space.”

    Understanding the choice of furniture colours to compliment brown walls, a range of light coloured shades including cream, white, and paler shades of the two can be chosen. Besides, it is also recommended that you match the colour of your couch pillows with that of your wall.

    After coming to terms with furniture, your nexus must shift to the floor. To make it right, Agarwal bestows her confidence in the application of wood floors. She suggests their colour to be a few shades lighter than that of a wall.

    Brown was the colour of yesterday, it is the colour of today, and it will be the colour of tomorrow. The shade is common, yet uniquely perceived by each individual. For some, it is better suited on the walls, while for others it should only be seen with the furniture. Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations has made a long journey to this point, and with the help of Agarwal, it continues to highlight these differences and make the idea of luxury distinctively come alive.



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